‘Mother’s Day Special: Delight Her With Personalised Gift Boxes’

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As we all know, a mother’s love is unlike any other. In short, it’s incomparable. The integral role she plays in shaping our world, the tremendous amount of love and care she’s shown us throughout our lives and the sacrifices (both seen and unseen) that she’s made to ensure that we grew up wanting for nothing are just some examples to demonstrate just how immeasurable a mother’s love can be.

With Mother’s Day creeping up soon (it’s on May 10th for those of you who need a little reminder), its the perfect time to show your mum just how much she means to you with heartfelt and tangible gifts. But as we know, when it comes to mum, finding the right gift can seem like a daunting task. Especially with the MRO (Movement Restricted Movement Order) currently in place.

In order to help you along with finding the perfect gift for mum, the team here at Pixajoy have developed a new line of beautifully packaged Mother’s Day Gift boxes; each one filled with personalised goodies that any mum would cherish. Best of all, you can safely order and personalise these gift boxes from the safety of your home and have them delivered right to your mother’s doorstep! 

So, if you’re curious to find out a little more about these amazing new Gift Boxes, read on! And do remember that it’s never too late to get mum a gift!

Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift Boxes

Whether it’s something as simple as a homemade card or something more on the ritzy side like a spa day, every mum deserves a gift. While a majority of mothers insist that the love of their children is the most precious thing in this world, it doesn’t hurt to give her something tangible to physically showcase that regard. That is why this Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to help you surprise mum with the perfect gift in the form of personalisable Mother’s Day Gift Boxes. 

There are three boxes for you to choose from, comprising of the Mother Dearest Box, the My Supermom Box and the Queen of My Heart Box. Each box contains a set of unique and personalisable items that are not only stylish but are helpful or practical to have. Besides the gorgeous goodies insides, the gift boxes themselves feature unique, Mother’s Day-themed designs that are beautiful enough to not require any additional wrapping. 

Below is a closer look at each of the gift boxes to help you make you pick one that’s perfect for the wonderful woman you call mum. 

Mother Dearest Gift Box

Most people kickstart their day with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or any other (most likely caffeinated) beverage – and your mum is no exception. This time-honoured tradition spans across generations and cultures; thus making mugs a universally acceptable (and appreciated) gift item. In fact, the sheer versatility of the mugs is what allows them to transcend from a mere beverage container to something more fun and inspired. For example, did you know that you can use mugs to create gorgeous and creative candle holders, planters, and more?

While mugs on their own make a pretty good gift, your own mum deserves better than just a generic mug that anyone can pick up from the department store. Which is where the personalised mug comes in! The Mother Dearest gift box comes with a personalisable mug that you can customise with your favourite moments with mum. 

Now every time she goes for a sip of her chosen beverage, she’ll be reminded of just how much she’s loved. Which in our book, is a pretty great way to kickstart the day on the right foot. 

Additionally, this box also includes a personalisable coaster which pairs up perfectly alongside the mug. How many times have you’ve heart mum complaining about unsightly water and ring marks on her tables? Save her the trouble of having to find new and creative ways to banish those marks with a personalised coaster that prevents the damage before it has the chance to happen. 

To top it off, the final item included in the gift box is a personalisable greeting card. Featuring soft colours and a bokeh design that represents the compassionate and nurturing side of mothers, get your wishes, encouragements or personal messages printed out on the greeting card and brighten up her day!

This Gift Box Includes: 

  • Greeting Card 
  • 11 oz Photo Mug 
  • Coaster (Square)
  • Premium Gift Boxes

My Supermom Gift Box

Being a mother is a full-time job, but if your mum is also a career woman who is always hustling and on the go, you might want to consider getting her something that is convenient, practical yet subtly eye-catching. Your best bet is getting her something that she can use every day – whether at work or when she’s going about her everyday life. For these amazing supermoms, we’ve put together a box that fits those criteria to a ‘T’. 

For instance, the personalisable tote bag we’ve included in the Supermom gift box is an essential item in any woman’s life – especially when you take into consideration the fact that most women’s clothing has a severe lack of functional pockets and that as a mother, one needs to be prepared for everything. While most women enjoy having a trendy and stylish bag that they can proudly tote anywhere they go, a mum focuses more on practicality. She needs a bag that can carry around not only her personal effects – like stationery, purses, cosmetics and digital devices but also things for her kids; like milk bottles, snacks, pacifiers, extra diapers, a change of clothing and anything else that they might need.

Hence, giving a personalisable tote bag with a little bit of your personal touch is a great way to give your mum something that’s both fashionable and functional that she can use both during work and leisure time. 

On that note, the Supermom Gift Box also comes with a 15oz personalised mug that mum can use either in the house or at the office. Similar to the reasons we’ve included above in the Mother Dearest section, personalised mugs are a wonderfully practical gift. The only difference is that the mug included in the Supermom gift box is effectively ‘super-sized’, giving you a slightly bigger canvas to work with while providing mum with just a bit more room for her favourite beverage.  

Design-wise, the Supermom gift box features soft colours with an abstract design – effectively giving it a classy and modern feel that is sure to delight mum.

This Gift Box Includes:

  • Greeting Card 
  • 15oz Photo Mug
  • Tote Bag
  • Premium Gift Box

Queen of My Heart Gift Box

Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all. From an average woman who lived a life of her own, they transform into a superheroine once their precious children are born. They become a protector, shielding their children from harm and providing vital emotional support. They become healers, withstanding nights without sleep as they nurse their sick children back to health. They become contractors, working hard to build a better future for their children so that they may receive opportunities that their mothers might have missed out on. They become all that and more – which is why they’ve permanently carved out a place in their children’s lives as the Queen of their heart.

So, if you want to thank them with a heartfelt gift that is not only tangible, functional and stylish, you might want to give the Queen of My Heart Gift box some serious consideration. Unlike the previous two gift boxes, this particular gift box features an extra item – an exclusive handy tumbler. This portable drink carrier is the perfect partner for the commute to and from work or for when she decides to work out at the gym.

Additionally, this box also hits the ‘stylish notes’ as it also comes with a timeless enamel mug. Just like your love for your mother, the enamel mug is something that transcends time and will never go out of style. Plus, it might even give her bouts of nostalgia – overlaying old memories with newer ones and leaving her feeling content. 

In any case, any mum who receives this gift box will surely appreciate it dearly – so be sure to thank your mum with this exquisite gift box that comes in a mix of marble and geometrical line design; giving it a classy feel that your mum will be sure to appreciate.

This Gift Box Includes:

  • Greeting Card
  • Handy Tumbler
  • Tote bag (Dual Side)
  • Enamel Mug
  • Gift Box

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little bit more about our Mother’s Day Gift Box, why not visit our website and delight your mum with a gift box of her own. Order now from the safety of your home and we’ll deliver it straight to your mother’s front door.

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