Mothers Day is fast approaching. Many are looking for a unique gift for their mother. Why not make a Mother’s Day photo book? It’s a gift that goes beyond a Mothers Day card. Photo book is a gift of memories, a gift of past, future, and present as well as the gift that keeps on giving.

7 ideas must preserved into Mother’s Day photo book:

  1. Biography of mom – Start gathering photos starting from her childhood, through to the present day (scan older photos into digital images). Talk to elder family members to understand more on mother’s stories before married. You may know something new about your mother!
  2. Greatest mom stories – Start thinking of the various things that busy Mom does to keep the house running smoothly and support the family. Take pictures of her performing these tasks or objects that represent the task. Such as picture mom in prepared the food, played in the garden, took you to school, given care when you sick, celebrate your birthday and etc. Let her know how much you need and love Super Mom.
  3. Special event from the past year – If you recently celebrated an event with her such as vacation, birthday, new year, graduation, or even photos from the holidays, she will love reliving the memories.
  4. Master Chef Mom – Take photograph on the favorite food she cook everyday into recipe book. Add fun stories and memories from meal times. Celebrate her culinary skills with this one!
  5. Love stories of mother and father – Scan old photos and love letter of the moments of mom and dad met and dating to put in photo book. Ask your father write in love stories to relive the memories. Wedding photos is good to put in too.
  6. Favorite moments – Your grow up memories (include your brothers and sisters) from new born until now. Let’s your mom to know how success you are in your life to appreciate support given by her along the way.  Make these photos along with your personal text will touch her deeply.
  7. Wishing for mom – Lastly, don’t forget everyone leave a message to mom in last page to say thank you, wishing mother’s day, quote for mom and family photos.

Photo book is the perfect Mothers Day gift because it’s a gift that is tailor made to your mom as well as being top quality and unique. Start collect pictures now and use our pre-designed theme templates to complete your photo books just in a few minutes.