It’s Hari Raya season again! The time of the year when all Muslim family members gather to have scrumptious food and have joyous time together. To make this Hari Raya significant, Pixajoy has some ideas for you!

1. Hari Raya Postcard

Who doesn’t love to receive gift? Send postcard to your relatives, siblings or friends who live far away from you to wish them ‘Selamat Hari Raya ‘. A postcard with sincere greeting is enough to warm their heart.

2. Personalised Calendar

If you want to gift something different from postcard, personalised calendar is a memorable and unforgettable gift for your family members and friends. It can be displayed on the desk of workplace or the table of their home. They will think of you whenever they use the calendar. How great is that?!

3. Photo book

Gallery in your phone and camera will definitely be loaded with pictures taken with siblings, relatives, delicious food, decoration and many more. Why not you create a photo book to store the loves forever? It’s a wonderful idea to decorate your end table and share it with people who visit you.

4. Framed Print and Wall Gallery

Family portraits are the symbols of family ties and family loves. It is inevitable during every festival including Hari Raya. Set up a favourite spot in your house to be your daily motivation. Print them out and brighten your television table, office desk, especially wall with those happy faces.

We hope you enjoy the great time and wish you a blessed and heartwarming Hari Raya!

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