Wouldn’t it be happy if you could recommend the photo book product to your friends who haven’t start to preserve their photo memories into print? Great news to you, now Pixajoy will reward you a free photo book when you recommend a new friend to purchase Mini Softcover 6″ x 6″ photo book at very attractive price, RM9 only (normal price is RM69).

You may think it is hard to recommend the offer to your friends. We’re here to tell you some of the tips to help you do the recommendation effortlessly.

How is the program work?

Step 1: Get Your Referral Link
Visit this link: https://www.pixajoy.com.my/referral-intro. Click “Get Referral Link“. If you didn’t have Pixajoy account, sign up an account first. It is free! Sign in and simply copy personal referral link to friends/family members who’re interest.

Step 2: Friends purchase the offer
Tell your friends or family members click at your shared referral link to purchase the offer.

Step 3: Get FREE Photo Book
You get a FREE Photo Book for each success referred!

 Tips to make your recommendation work

#Tips 1: Show your printed photo book.
As what we understand many peoples still don’t know how the photo book look like. Many peoples still thought it is traditional sticky/slot photo album. They will impress when see the actual product which can direct print photo inside the album. Customize able with own design and text.

#Tips 2: Tell them how much the cost they can save to print photos into photo book.
For Mini Softcover 6″ x 6″, we suggest not more than 6 pictures per page. For 36 pages, recommend maximum load up to 216 pcs of pictures. With the offer price RM9 + RM8 shipping fees, it just cost RM0.08 cents only per picture.

 #Tips 3: Free editor and pre-designed theme templates.
No design skill required. Drag & drop pictures only with the editor features.

#Tips 4: Win Win cost saving
Share 50% of the purchase price with your friends where each person buy at RM4.50 only. Although you didn’t get free, but RM4.50 per book is still cheap right?

#Tips 5: Share in social media and instant messenger.
Don’t forget social media and instant messenger sharing is free and fast. Just copy your referral link and share the offer to public or selected friends.

#Tips 6:  New member eligible to take part in this program too.
For new sign up member, don’t think you only can buy the offer. You’re eligible to refer your friends too to get the free photo book.

#Tips 7: Help your friends make the purchase.
May be this is the first time your friends doing online purchase. Help them sign up a Pixajoy account and purchase the offer, this will avoid they copy the wrong link and the problem happen during purchase process.

“Joy only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” 

Happy sharing!