You may be wondering where to use the voucher codes you got off our website or some 3rd party sites. Well, wonder no more, this tutorial aims to answer your question(s)!

How will I receive my Voucher Code(s)?

You will receive your voucher code by:

  • Auto-generated email from Pixajoy
  • Checking your Pixajoy account, under “my eVouchers”

But I have not received my Voucher Code!

If you’ve not received anything, please note that it could be the following:

  • You may be checking the wrong email’s inbox
    *Please check the email you use to login to Facebook or Google
  • Your transaction may not have been successful
  • Your transaction was successful but was not captured by our system

(You can email us at or message us on Facebook so that we may help you.)

Step 1: How do I make a photo book?

Start your photo book project by using our:

**Please make sure that you’ve picked the correct photo book type and size, else your efforts go to waste!

Step 2: How do I upload my completed photo book?

  • Online or Mobile Editor: Click the green “Order” button on the top-right corner of the screen after putting the finishing touches on your photo book to continue.

Online Editor:

Mobile Editor:

  • Offline Editor: Find “Order” option in the top-left of the Pixajoy Editor, under “File”. Proceed as shown on the screen.

Step 3: How do I use my Voucher Code?

  • Online or Offline Editor: You will reach and be prompted to log in to continue.

Page 1, “My Cart”: You can change or upgrade your photo book specifications here.

Page 2, “Shipping/Billing”: You can verify the address your photo book will be shipped to and how you want it to be shipped to you (SkyNet, GDEX or Self-Pickup from the Pixajoy Office).

Page 3, “Payment”: You can review your address once more and also apply any Voucher Codes you have so that you don’t have to pay the original price of the photo book you chose. If the Voucher Code has successfully been applied, it will automatically be reflected in your “Amount to Pay”.

Page 4, “Confirmation”: You will be brought to iPay88 to proceed with payment.

  • Mobile Editor: On the third page, you can review your current photo book specifications and apply your voucher code. If your Voucher Code has successfully been applied, it will be stated under “Discount”.

We hope this tutorial helps! Happy creating! 🙂