Giving a photo book as a present this Christmas? Run out ideas on how to wrap the book to make it even more memorable? Not to worry. Pixajoy is here to the rescue (or so we hope).

So, let’s get started!

Step 1:
You’ll need a pair of scissors, some coloured (the colours are up to you, perhaps you can use the recipient’s favourite colours), some wrapping paper, cellophane tape, double-sided tape, a pencil and a paper punch.
Step 1
Step 2:
i. Place the wrapping paper under the photo book to measure the size needed.
ii. Cut off the extra paper.
iii. Wrap the photo book.
iv. Tape down the wrapping paper with cellophane tape. (Be careful not  to paste  the cellophane tape on your photo book to avoid any unnecessary damage.)
Step 2
Step 3:
Continue wrapping the top and the bottom of the photo book.
Step 3
Step 4:
Now get a sheet of the coloured paper. Fold the coloured paper into a triangle and cut it out. Open up the triangle and you’ll get a rectangular shaped piece.  Make mini fan-folds starting at any point between the edge and midway of the paper. Tape it down. You can choose to make as many or as few as you like.

Step 4
Step 5 :
i. Measure your ‘fan-fold’ coloured paper against the height of the photo book.
ii. Cut the paper to size and stick on the double-side tape on both ends.
iii. Paste it on the wrapped photo book.

Step 5
This is what it will look like.

Step 6

Step 6:
i. Take another sheet of coloured paper and also fold it into a triangle and cut it out.
iii. You can draw a wavy pattern with the pencil on the bottom of the triangle and cut off the excess paper like shown below.

Step 7
Step 7:
In the middle of each ‘wave’ you can punch a hole through with the paper punch for an extra ‘zing’. Once this has been completed, cut the triangle down in the centre so that you get 2 triangles.

Step 8

You can also add on a paper rose, if you like.

How To Make a Paper Rose
Step 1: Draw a spiral on a sheet of red paper.
Step 2: Cut the spiral out. .
Step 3: Roll the spiral like shown below.
Step 4: Release! It’s a now a rose.

Step 8:
Now comes the last bit. Arranging your coloured paper patterns onto the wrapped photo  book, like shown below . Voila! Your specially-wrapped photo book gift is done.

Step 9Enjoy the smiles and the endless thank you-s, that you’ll be getting!