A whole new editor that can get you from start to finish in 30 minutes*! Doesn’t that sound awesome? Not having enough time to edit your photo book is just an excuse now!

Are you unsure about where some functions are, or how to get from point C to point E? This guide is here to help!

Note: Access Fox Editor at www.pixajoy.com.my/fox-editor

Step 1: Import your photos into Fox Editor

Click “Browse Photos” or the Facebook button on the left to start importing photos.

There's a photo counter at the top and a Facebook photo importer on the left

After successful importing, the page will refresh and you can see all the photos you’ve uploaded.

Step 2: Choose the photos you want in your photo book

You can go over the photos to add or delete them.
*You need at least 26 photos to complete your photo book!

Click the red bin button to delete a picture

Step 3: Rotate your pictures & select your cover photos

Choose your front and back covers by scrolling down and clicking a picture. When the picture pops up, you can choose to make it your front or back cover, or rotate your pictures.

You can rotate by clicking on the turning arrow buttons

Step 4: Give your photo book a title & theme

The Book Title goes on the cover of your photo book.
*Limited to 20 characters, Chinese text is not supported!

Give your photo book a title by writing in the box

When you click “Next”, you can choose your theme! There’s a wonderful variety of backgrounds to choose from. 🙂

Use the arrows on the side to scroll through themes

Step 5: Preview & edit your Photo Book

Flip through the preview of your photo book to make sure you are satisfied with your photos.

Hover over the page to edit the photos in the page.

Click anywhere on the page when previewing your photo book to edit your photos.

Please remember to save so that your changes are reflected.

Options when editing a page.

When editing a page, you can rotate, delete or swap your photo’s positions. You can also add more photos into a page (maximum of 5 photos per page).

Click “Save Changes” after editing so that it appears in your preview.

You can choose to repeat photos already present on other pages.

Options when adding photos.

Photos used on a page you’re editing is highlighted by an orange box as shown above. You can also see what photos are not in use, in use and how many times a photo appears in your project.

Click “Apply Changes” to add photos to your selected page.

Step 6: Change details & Voucher Code application

You can type in your Project Name for your reference as well as go over your photo book’s specifications. You can choose to have your pages laminated, at a cost, for protection.
*It is on this same page that you can put in your Voucher Code (if any).

Enter your Voucher Code in the appropriate box to get the savings you deserve!

Step 7: Checkout & delivery options

View your confirmed photo book information, ensure your address is correct and choose your delivery method.

Make sure that your photo book details are to your liking before proceeding!


Make sure the correct address is listed so that your photo book gets shipped to the right place!

Step 7: Payment & confirmation

Pay using your preferred online method, wait for your receipt and receive your photo book in 4 to 6 working days!

Choose a payment option you prefer and soon, you'll be done!

We hope this editor provides you more convenience in preserving your memories. 😉