** Note: Online version is only applicable to execute under 9.7″ monitor screen and above. It is compatible with web browser for laptop, computer, and tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.)

1. Select Book Type and Size

Go to https://www.pixajoy.com.my/ready-templates > Select your favourite category of Pre-Designed Theme Templates

Choose Download MethodOnline Version (** DON’T tick the Desktop version)

Select Book Size6” x 6” Square

Select Book TypeMini Softcover

Choose your favourite layouts and click “Start a Blank Project” or “Make a Book


2. Create a new Project

Start your project by selecting Online Method and clicking “Make a Book


3. Sign In / Sign Up

Sign in with your username and password / Sign up for membership if you don’t have one.


4. Start Your Project

Click on  to upload your photo from your photo folder. The photos will be loaded into the Picture Manager and are ready to use.

Start your project by simply dragging and dropping the photo onto the page.

Note: Make sure the green progress bar below your photo is completely gone before closing your project to avoid “missing picture” when submitting your order.



Add pages: Choose Page Option > Insert Page

Delete pages: Choose Page Option > Delete Page

Editing Tips – How to layout your photo book safely: https://www.pixajoy.com.my/branding/pixajoy/pdf/how-to-layout-your-photos-safely.pdf


Note: Page options of mini softcover are 36 and 48 pages. Before submitting your order, please make sure that the pages of photo book are either 36 or 48. You’re unable to proceed with incorrect pages.


5. Save Your Project


Click the “Save” button to fill in the project name and save your project.


6. Place Your Order

Click on the Shopping Cart Order button to add your order to the Shopping Cart.


Click “Change” button to choose the lamination option. Once you are selected with your book options, click Continue.

Note: For more detailed information about the paper lamination, kindly visit https://www.pixajoy.com.my/about-us/quality-overview > Paper Quality


You will confirm the shipping address and shipping method you wish to send your order. To change the shipping address, click Change, then a new window will pop out to change the address details.


Enter your eVoucher Code (if you are using any discount / promotional code) at the column and click “Redeem

Choose which payment method you prefer, and confirm the order.


7. Order Confirmation

Once your order is accepted, the order confirmation screen is displayed along with your Order Number. The project file will be uploaded to the server automatically once your order is successfully submitted.


8. Order Status

Order details can be checked at – “My Orders” in https://www.pixajoy.com.my/my-orders


We hope you find this blog post useful and helpful. Have fun in making your photobook! 😉