Pixajoy provide various Pre-designed Theme Templates to easy our customer complete their book design layout in an hour. Every ready templates come with default 20 pages editable layout. How to do if I want combine 2 Pre-designed Theme Templates into one book?

Here are the steps to combine the templates:
For example, if you wish to combine the Wedding template 01 into the wedding template 02 project:
1) Launch Pixajoy Editor.
2) Click Open Existing Projects > Pre-designed Theme Templates and choose wedding template 01 project. Select the same book type and size that you wish combine with wedding template 02 project.
3) At design panel, click at Page 1. At bottom panel, select Page Style (Refer below picture).
4) Look at the bottom right hand side wheel icon. Click and choose “Save Right Page as Page Style”, give a name for this page style. The page style will appear at the bottom of Page Style panel list.
5) Repeat the above step for page 2, page 3 and so on. If you wish to save 2 pages together, please select “Save spread as page style”.
6) Open your wedding 02 template project, you will saw the wedding 01 template page style listed at bottom of Page Style panel. Drag the page style and drop it into the blank page. Repeat the same step for others additional page.
7) Now wedding 01 template has been successfully combine into wedding 02 templates.

Hope you find this tutorial help. 🙂
Save Pre-designed Theme Template page as Page Styles