How to Cheer Someone Up: Top 4 Ways To Make Someone Happy

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Life can be downright difficult at times and there is nothing worse than seeing a friend or a loved one in pain. When you realise that someone who is close to you is down in the dumps, all that you’ll want to do is cheer them up and lift their spirit, so that their initial upset doesn’t evolve into heartbreak, self-pity, anxiety, or depression. But unfortunately, it is not always easy to hold the tender spots of someone who is feeling down.

We’ve all been there: a close friend or  loved one is feeling low, and you helplessly stand by asking, “Is there anything I can do to help?” It’s basically a tough position to manoeuvre, as you might find it hard to find the right words that’ll comfort them and to determine how they would like to be loved when they are feeling dark.

Certainly, just saying, “Cheer up!” or Don’t worry you’ll be alright isn’t going to help the situation in everyone’s case. So here are tips on how to cheer someone up and make someone’s day better in a meaningful way. Read on.

Take Them Out

When it comes to going through a rough time, it’s quite normal for some people to want to stay inside and be alone. Hence they might confine themself in a room or to their bedroom-which can make the situation worse. Being alone with their thoughts – especially when they’re feeling low can be the perfect breeding ground for negative and self-critical thoughts.

To make sure that they don’t ruminate on their problem and diminish their ability to make positive changes in their life by confining themselves, you’ll need to remind them that there’s a world outside. 

Grab your besties, pile into the car, and head to one of your favourite nature spots for nature therapy. Find something fun to do that’ll distract them like mountain climbing, exercise, camping or just a walk with them. Whether you bring them to the beach, a mountain, a field or a lake, making an effort to be there for them will be a great way to make them feel loved, cared and boost their mood and spirit.

Pro Tip: If you would like them to remember the day for the fun moments you’ve had together instead of the problem that they had to face, turn the photos of the day into stylish keepsakes like photo books, prints or story tag cards and gift it to them.

Host A Staycation

If your pal or loved one is one of those who prefer being at home and tough to be convinced to go out when they’re upset, why not have a getaway without going anywhere?
 Spend some quality time with them at home by providing a pleasant form of distractions. Help them to do a thorough house cleaning or organise activities like playing cards, board games, binge-watching or singing karaoke togetherMaking them busy-having fun with you and concentrating on something else, can help them to take some “time off” from the problem and feel more relaxed.
Although it’s a temporary solution; at some point, freeing up their mind and enjoying the moment can give them a better clarity to tackle the problem later. At the same time, it can also be an amazing opportunity for you to show that you care for them and you’re there to support them.

Send Them a Note Or Card

Though the best way to comfort someone going through a hard time is to meet them in person and express your support, leaving a handwritten note or sending a card can be just as effective in boosting their mood up.
Sometimes people just need to be noticed and feel special or appreciated when their feeling low. So, writing a note with all the reasons why you think that person is incredible or sending a card with words, mantras or silly jokes will be an amazing way to put a smile on their face and warms their heart.
The effort and time you took to write out for them or prepare a personalised card with a special message, will demonstrate that you care about them and lighten their mood a bit.
Hence, whether you want to write something cute, fold it up, and slip it somewhere not-so-obvious for them to find it later or send them a personalised card to surprise them, they are sure to work the magic.

Surprise Them With Thoughtful Gifts


Another sure-fire way that can help to brighten up someone’s day is giving them a surprise gift. As you might know, the best gifts aren’t necessarily expensive or elaborate. They also don’t have to require a lot of pre-planning. The best gifts are given at just the right time when a person needs encouragement.
A simple but thoughtful gift that’ll remind them of their best memories like photo books or something unique that reminds them of who they are, can replace their negative mood and spark of happiness to their day.
Also, when you give something unique, the thought of you putting an effort to make a specially made gift for them will make them understand how much you care for them and strengthen the connection.
Here are some of the thoughtful gifts that can make their day:

Now that you’ve read through our top 4 creative 4 ways to make someone happy. We hope you can lift someone from the pit of depression or bad mood in an easy way. If you feel inspired and want to find something to brighten’s up someone day, please feel free to visit the Pixajoy website and choose your favourites! 

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