Facing the problem of missing elements (frame/background/scrapbook/mask) and lag after upgrading  Pixajoy Editor? Not to worry, we have worked out a solution to overcome the issue – a HOTFIX.

Kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Pixajoy Editor and open any existing project. Once your project is open, click File (top-left of the window). Click Preferences…. UN-CHECK the Automatically Check For Updates option. Click OK.
  2. Close the project.
  3. Now, click CREATE New Project and then click Check for Updates.
  4. UPDATE Products, App Data and Application 4.2.0 (if available) . This is a MUST to ensure no occurrence of  unwanted issues.
  5. After downloading, either double click to open or extract the Installer and install.
  6. The problem should now be fixed! Yay!


Thank you for kind cooperation and happy photo book-making!