Gift Guide: Gifts Based On Personality Type

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Gift Guide, Inspiration

Are you one of those people who love giving a gift as much as receiving them? You’re not alone, we’re guilty of that too! Giving or receiving gifts for special occasions or simply to express the love we have for someone can be quite joyful. But finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is no small feat.

There are many factors that can affect the gift finding process and one of them is the fear of failure in making the recipient feel happy and special. A simple way that can be helpful to overcome this gift-choosing monster is knowing the intended recipient’s personality type.

So in order to help you understand types of gift-getters and what gift you should pick for them, here we’ve put together a short guide on gifts based on personality types. Read on.

For The Curious Minds

We, humans, have an inquisitive curious nature, it’s basically how we grow and learn things in different phases of our life. But there are some people who are just inherently more curious than others that their curiosity expands far and wide beyond their field(s) of choice or situations in their life.
They tend to be deep divers who often observe the world around them in a way that other people don’t and are basically known as curious minds or a person with a curious type of personality.
Curious minds are best described as people who are happiest when losing themselves in exploring and discovering something new and are always open for surprises. So the gift you want to gift them should be something unique and helpful to pursue their interest.
The gift you want to gift them can be as simple as a magic mug, that’s good enough to surprise them with photos besides being a helpful thing to kickstart their day or keep them energised.
Other than that,  gifts that can offer more food for curiosity are tube tumblers, luggage tags and deluxe notebooks. These items will be extremely useful for curious minds to be organised, to explore their creativity, plan their schedule and stick to a healthy habit of keeping themselves hydrated.

For The Big Achievers

Is someone you want to give the gift is one of those who can move mountains and make it look easy? Are they a person who often takes up on projects as it’s heading south and turns it around? Then they must be a person with a high achieving and dream-chasing personality.


A person with a high achieving personality is those who are always working towards a new personal goal. They have a strong desire to accomplish something meaningful, hence they’ll have big plans, love to stay organised and always on the go. So, giving them practical gifts is a great way to go.

A Personalised desk calendar and a photo book are useful things that big achievers will feel glad to receive as gifts. This is because desk calendars will be helpful for them to mark important dates and plan their schedule. Meanwhile, photo books will be the best companion for them to write out their ideas, thoughts and keep up to their to-do-list.

The interesting thing that’ll make them special is the photos or messages you add on the desk calendar or photo notebooks. They can express your affection towards them or be a motivation to work harder.

Pro tip: Usually this group of people loves to celebrate the things they have done or every small achievement of their lives. So why not compile and turn photos of their achievements to a photo book and give them as a gift? The recipient will feel appreciated-receiving them as a gift.

The Social Connectors

A person with a social type of personality is someone who is happiest when they are surrounded by loved ones, so they’ll try to organise things and meet-ups more often.


With the ongoing  pandemic, they might find it difficult  and miss staying in touch and making memories with their loved ones. So you’ll never go wrong in gifting them something memorable such as photo prints or photo books


Although they can’t meet up and enjoy the moment of being together with their loved ones, they can still relive their best moments and cheer themselves up with tangible forms of memories that they could cherish for years to come. What’s better? They can also use photo prints in a creative way to decorate their space or try some DIY projects to make their stay at home moments bearable.

The Simplicity Seekers

 Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Simplicity lovers are those who are happiest when enjoying home comforts and simple things in life. Hence, gifting them a photo pillow with a tangible form of memories will be a heartwarming gift for them.

Besides giving them comfort, the photo pillows will be a great reminder of your affection towards them which they’ll treasure all their heart.

Other than that, a lifestyle book will also be an amazing gift for them.  As this group of people are quite appreciative of every small moment in their life. They’ll definitely enjoy documenting some of their best moments with a lifestyle book. With a pre-prepared prompt, writing becomes an easier way to write the story of their life and practice them to be mindful of the blessings in their lives.

Now that you’ve read and get to know about the perfect gifts based on personality type, we hope the process of finding gifts for your loved ones will be easier. If you feel inspired and want to get the best gifts for your loved ones, feel free to visit our Pixajoy website. 


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