Dear Peeps, here comes our top most special S-T-I-C-K-E-R-S just for you! This is not just only stickers where you can see all around the marketplace or just anywhere else near your distance. This is a total different thing which you can totally design your own sticker with our Pixajoy Lite Editor! We have got lots of design templates available which are beyond your imagination. Designs are one thing, how about putting your own pretty face into your wedding sticker?

Strike your “sexy back” pose in your glorious evening gown or cheongsam, with your best make-up. Shoot it right into the sticker you want! Of course, with the help of our Pixajoy Lite Editor. Drag and drop the photo of you and your partner into your chosen sticker. Don’t forget to dress up your spouse with his best groom suits!

I’ve got another cool idea here. How about setting up your wedding with unique stickers on your wedding cards or souvenir appreciation “Thank You” gift for your invited friends and families?

Have a real fun time just inserting your photo with your partner into the sticker. Paste it on wherever you want! On any wedding gifts for your friends.

This may sound a little absurd *Wink*,  but why don’t you just try on something different for your ONE and ONLY wedding event?

Stick your own-designed “Thank You” stickers on your souvenir wedding gifts for all your invited friends and families of that glamorous and fabulous wedding night of yours!

Design your Wedding Stickers with anything you can think of!

Get a sticker with QR code linkage to your wedding album online or Instagram. Just insert your Instagram URL as you create your QR code. Or whatever website link that you want your friends to see on your BIG wedding day.

Curious? Follow These Steps!

1) Choose your favourite designed wedding Sticker from –

2) Click into it to “Start Now”

3) Generate QR code by inserting your website URL. (in Pixajoy Lite Editor)

4) Drag your QR code into your STICKER.

And TADAA….u are done with your QR code STICKER! You can add on your name and photo into it as well. Anything which can fit into the STICKER. So, just design your own style on the STICKER.

You could also stick your completed sticker on your wedding invitation card, or on the envelope of your wedding card. Receiver can scan the QR code before they open up the envelope to view your wedding invitation card.

A suggestion. You could create your beautiful Wedding Photo Album using this website –

It is totally FREE. You could then put this as the URL when you generate your QR code. This can help get response from them on their attendance (RSVP), and also link them to the map of your wedding restaurant (Google Map) with just scanning the QR code in your Sticker!

Paste the STICKER with QR code plus your wedding photo shoots in it! Generate your QR code in our Pixajoy Lite Editor. Drag and drop it together with your wedding photo shoots into your chosen S-T-I-C-K-E-R. Design your STICKER in any style you like. And you are done for the best thing in your life!

Have a funky and fabulous wedding preparation for once. Enjoy!