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by | Apr 8, 2020 | Inspiration

Hi everybody! Before we really get into this blog, we just want all our readers to know that everyone here at Pixajoy wishes you and your family well during this undoubtedly difficult time. The Covid-19 Pandemic is an ever-evolving situation but with the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) in place, hopefully, we’ll be able to flatter the curve and bring down the number of new cases each day.

As a collective, we should try to see the positives in this situation (because let’s face it – being surrounded by news of doom and gloom every day isn’t healthy for anyone in the long term). Instead, we should use this opportunity to take a step back and reassess our priorities. We could all stand to focus more on the things that really matter in life – like spending quality time with family and learning to enjoy life instead of just bulldozing through it.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the most recent addition to Pixajoy’s photo book category; the Lifestyle Book and why you should consider making one for yourself – now, more than ever. 

What is a ‘Lifestyle Book’? 

Like the name would imply, the Lifestyle Book is a kind of photo book that was designed in order to allow you to easily document and preserve each and every aspect of your life. Featuring a cover made of 260gsm Everyday Paper and content pages that are made from 150gsm Everyday Paper, the saddle-stitched Lifestyle Book is the perfect option if you’d like to create a chic yet casual book on any topic of interests.

Additionally, if you want the Lifestyle book to be a bit more ‘hands-on’, you can also choose to upgrade to the 250gsm Fine Art Textured Cover with writable content pages made of Standard Uncoated Printing Paper.

Pro-Tip: You can find out more about the different types of papers used to create photo books on our General Photo Book Page.

What Makes it Different? 

While you can definitely use any of our other photo books (like the Softcover or Imagewrap Hardcover photo book for example) to preserve your special moments, the Lifestyle Photo Book’s appeal lies elsewhere. You see, unlike our other photo books, some of the templates created for the exclusive use of this easy to personalise book contains prompts and instructions that will help guide you to build your book and give it a proper structure. Think of it as a little bit like guided journaling. This makes the Lifestyle Book perfect for beginners who have never made a photo book before or for those of you who want to get into journaling but just didn’t know where to start. 

In addition to the helpful prompts and guides, the pre-designed layouts of the Lifestyle Book also lean more towards the clean and minimalistic route; making it super easy to customise and personalise to suit your personal aesthetic or topic of interest.

What Can You Use the Lifestyle Book For?

The beauty of the Lifestyle Book is that it gives you the ability to create, design and personalise a book (or a collection of books) based on any topic, moment or prompt that catches your interests. You can choose to use it as a photo diary, create a collection of well-loved recipes or even turn it into a portfolio for all your artwork, writing and crafts.

Pregnancy Journals

For instance, you could use the Lifestyle Book to create a series of pregnancy journals that details the whole journey – from finding out you were expecting all the way up to childbirth.  By doing so, not only are you making sure to monitor your condition during pregnancy, but you’ll also end up with an amazing memory keepsake that can be revisited from time to time or when the baby gets older.

Baby Milestone Book

In line with the thought of pregnancy journals, another way you can use the Lifestyle Book is by creating a series of Baby Books that documents your child’s growth and milestones. When you have a baby, it’s only natural for you to want to document every little thing they do. From their first day home from the hospital, their first feeding time, their first time meeting new people. These little moments are treasures! 

But once you’ve taken these photos on your phones and cameras, what comes next? Are you just going to leave them in there to be forgotten about, or will you print them out so that they can be enjoyed, cherished and shared?

With the Lifestyle Book, making a collection of Baby Books is a breeze! Even if you are a beginner or someone who has some experience putting together a photo book, the prompts and guides we’ve included in some of our Lifestyle Book templates will help make the process go much faster!

Mini Portfolio

If you’re an art student, comic artist or creator, you can even use the Lifestyle Book to create mini-portfolios of your artwork, writing, and craft. The sheer possibilities are endless! Mini-portfolios are also a great way to demonstrate the competencies you would list on a resume or talk about in an interview. Additionally, they allow you to not only tell people about your talents; but also show them proof to back up your claims on relevant skill sets and abilities. 


A zine is a shortened abbreviation for the word ‘fanzine’ or ‘fan magazine’. Popular in the 1930’s, they’re basically a series of self-published works that are made up of original or appropriated texts, images and artwork. They can cover a wide range of topics – from art, music and photography to cooking, fictional writing and even tv shows. 

If you’re a dedicated fan or hobbyist, you could even make a zine about your favourite actors, singers, idol groups, or even about your friends, family, pets and hobbies. With the Lifestyle Book, making a zine is ridiculously easy. Plus the Lifestyle Book’s compact size also allows for it to be easily shared among friends and family while their simple layout designs make adding content – be it digital artwork, photos, scanned images, texts and the likes, extremely simple. 

Why make a lifestyle book?

Despite what some people might say, print is not dead. People love printing out their photos because it makes their moment much more tangible and personal. The appeal of making a Lifestyle Book is that not only is it personal, but it’s also visually appealing. This easy to personalise book offers a unique chance for people to address topics that they have a vested interest in and unlike our other photo books, the Lifestyle Book can also be bought in singles, sets of 3 and sets of 12. With each Lifestyle Book having a set number of 48 pages, it also gives a feeling of consistency; especially when you’re planning to create a whole collection or series. 

If you’re feeling rather inspired after reading about the many uses of our brand new Lifestyle Book, feel free to give it a try!  Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a taste for it and start your own series! 

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