Everything You Need to Know About Metal Prints.

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about one of our newer additions to the Pixajoy repertoire – the Metal Prints. 

When it comes to metal artwork, it’s a proven fact that human beings have been using metal as a form of self-expression from as early as 7000BC. Archaeologists have even found metal artwork from all over the globe-spanning from Egypt to Rome and Greece as well at various ancient sites like the city of Troy and the Incan, Mayan and Aztec civilisation of ancient America. This just goes to show how sturdy and long-lasting metal artworks can really be.

As for metal prints, the unique art and science of printing images onto a metal panel — technically referred to as ‘dye-sublimation was invented by Roger Laudy in 2003 out of a lab in Lexington, North Carolina. Not quite as ancient but still retaining the same essence of metal artworks (which is something that was clearly invented in order to be long-lasting).

 In this day and age, metal prints are oftentimes used purely for decoration purposes – usually as modern, high definition art pieces made of sleek metal panels (usually aluminium) and layered with an image of your choosing. But don’t let their slim and shiny appearance fool you. Just like the ancient metal artworks found in museums,  modern day metal prints are just as durable, resilient, and long-lasting. 

 These stunning, ‘double-take’ worthy art pieces can be hung in living rooms, bedrooms or any other well-favoured spot in the home. Fun fact, the metal prints are also scratch, fade and flame resistant so you can even choose to hang them up in your kitchen!

Metal prints also have this unique ability to just bring your photographs to life. There’s just something about the way the colours appear on metal prints – making them look vibrant and alive – that makes them a great staple to any home. Plus, they also make for a great conversation starter.

If you’re looking to design your own metal print, head on over to browse through our extensive metal print collection.

Why Metal Prints?

When it comes to the medium in which you choose to print out your photographs or artwork, we realise that the main drive is hugely in part based on your own personal style and preference. However, we would also like to highlight that there are some unique benefits to choosing metal prints as a medium to print out your most memorable moments or even artwork. 

Ready to Hang

One of the benefits of our metal prints is that you won’t have to deal with framing your printed piece. The Pixajoy metal prints comes with its own support structure and hanger brackets, they’re basically ready to be hung up for display from the very minute they arrive at your doorstep. 

Durable & Long-Lasting

At Pixajoy, we’re committed to helping you preserve your memories for generations to come. That’s why you’ll be pleased to note that due to the high-quality materials used to create the Pixajoy Metal prints, these metal artworks have been blessed with immense longevity. In fact, we can safely say that under normal, habitable conditions, your metal prints will look just as new and shiny in 60 years’ time as it does today.

In addition to its longevity, the metal prints are also extremely durable. Since it’s printed on aluminium panels, the metal prints are waterproof. The glossy surface coating is also resistant to colour fading, scratches and even flames – making it A-okay to place in various parts of your home like the bedroom, living room, playroom or even kitchen.  

Additionally, should anything dirty your prints (like smudges from sticky fingers, dust or anything else that you can think of, you can just use a damp cloth to white your metal clean and it will appear as good as new. 

How are Metal Prints Made?

We know that some of you might be curious to know more about the (admittedly fascinating) process of creating metal prints, but an in-depth explanation would be too lengthy and filled with a lot of technical jargon. Instead, here’s a simplified version of the process so that you’ll know at least a little bit on the measures we take to ensure that your metal prints come out looking just as stunning as Beyoncé’s  $850 Gold manicure.

 The first step to making your metal prints requires for us to print your chosen images onto transfer paper. Utilising specialised sublimation inks made specifically for the dye sublimation process (a method used to print images onto metal sheet panels), the images on the transfer paper will come out looking like a flat coloured, mirrored copy of your original photo.

 The process doesn’t stop there. Once we have the printed transfer paper in hand, the sheet will then be taped on to a blank aluminium photo panel which will then be placed in a heat press – which kind of looks like a giant panini maker.

 Then, the heat and pressure from the heat press will cause the sublimation inks to transform into a gas before being absorbed straight through the pores of the polymer coating of the metal and into the base coating. Once the metal photo panel cools down, the pores that had appeared earlier when it was being heat pressed will close and the metal surface stabilises – leaving you with a shiny new and metal print.

What Will My Photos Look Like in Metal?

When it comes to metal prints, don’t be surprised when your images turn out to look even more breath-taking than you’d have imagined. With its smooth, semi-gloss surface and rich colours, your metal prints will have the same effect as if you’re looking at a still image on a high definition TV screen. The reason is that unlike any other print mediums, the images that have been printed on metal prints will come out brighter and more vivid, keeping your memory as colourful, and lucid as it was the day you first captured it.

 In terms of colour, your images or artwork will appear to be much clearer and more radiant – drawing the eyes in and magnifying the beauty of your chosen images. The way we managed to achieve such unsurpassed colour brilliance and resolution is due to the actual process of creating the prints. Utilising the dye-sublimation process, your images are infused directly into our speciality coated metal sheets – and not just printed on the top surface.

How would my Metal Prints look like on display?

Curious to know what your images or artwork would look like once printed on Pixajoy’s metal prints? Well, worry not! We can assure you that due to its thin and modern appeal, these metal print will look nothing short of amazing in any part of your home. From the study room to the dining hall and even in the bathroom (should you wish to have something interesting to look at) these lightweight metal prints will never go out of style.

 Similar to framed prints or any other wall display, the metal prints are a statement piece – boldly announcing your personality and personal aesthetics. 

 You can choose to hang them in an asymmetrical set – organized in a mixed grouping of small, medium or large prints or more uniformly with similar-sized metal prints. Additionally, you can also intersperse your metal prints with other fine art decorations like paintings, framed prints, wood prints, wall decals and even instruments to achieve a more unique and diverse display.

If you don’t feel like hanging up your metal prints, there are also other alternatives to displaying your prints. For example, the metal prints would also look great leaning against the wall of your desk or displayed on your shelves or living room coffee table via a wooden print stand. 

How big can I make my metal prints?

If you’re worried about the metal prints being either too big or too small, don’t be. At Pixajoy, we don’t want to limit your choices by only providing you with one or two sizes. Instead, we went that one step further and prepared SEVEN different sizes for you to choose from!

 From metal prints that could easily fit in the palm of your hands to ones that are as big as your torso, we’re giving you the liberty to choose from an extensive range of sizes and even orientations in order to discover the perfect one for you.

 And if you happen to be curious as to what exactly are the sizes we offer, at Pixajoy our metal prints come in  5”x5”, 5”x7”, 8”x 8″, 10”x10″, 12”x 12″, 8”x12″ and 12” x 18”. Plus, you also get to choose from landscape, portrait or square orientations.

Are there any templates that I can use?

The short answer to this question is a resounding ‘Yes’! As most of you might have already known, Pixajoy wouldn’t be Pixajoy if we didn’t supply our users with at least a few sets of beautiful, pre-designed templates to help you get started on your projects! 

 When it comes to metal prints, our designers here at Pixajoy went through tremendous effort to provide a good range of classy, modern and contemporary templates for you to choose from. You can further enhance and personalise these templates with your own text, quotes or artwork. 

 If you’re more on the artsy side and would like to use your own designs, feel free to start with a totally blank project and let your creativity roam free. 

Templates Tales

To give you a little sneak peek at what we have to offer in terms of templates, here are some of our personal favourites for different kinds of occasions.


Perfect for weddings or anniversaries, the Roses In Ink template features a circular frame for your photos; bordered by a litany of artfully drawn roses. Fairly clean and minimalistic, this gorgeous template was designed to bring your most important moments into focus – after all, your photos should be the main draw. 

 So if you’re planning on getting married anytime soon, are planning to buy someone a wedding gift, or if you’re just in the market to get an anniversary gift for your significant others or loved ones, you can consider getting a metal print to showcase your once in a lifetime moment forever and in high definition.


If you’d like to explore themes that are more centred around your beautiful family, we’d like to suggest you try our multi-image layout (otherwise known as a  collage) on for size! Artistic Stokes is a good theme example – featuring three image slots to display all the wonderful, crazy, stressful but beautiful moments you have with your family. 

 The background of this theme is similarly quite simple and minimalistic, but no less beautiful. Featuring a watercolour like design, this neutral theme can be seamlessly incorporated into any room and fits with any decor. 


Are you one of those people who frequently travels around the globe – constantly chasing after the next big adventure? If the answer is yes, then you’re bound to have a few photography gems just hidden away on your social media account, camera, phone or laptop gallery. 

 Instead of letting them gather virtual dust in one of your (undoubtedly, many) folders, why not turn them into metal prints and enjoy them in high definition. Better still, if you also happen to enjoy movies or at least the aesthetics of the big screen, our ‘The Adventure Begins’ theme will showcase your captured moment with a bit of cinematic flair. 

Kids & Babies

 Don’t leave your little ones out on the fun of metal prints! To ensure that there’s something for everyone in your family, we’ve also taken the liberty to design a whole array of whimsical and child-friendly theme templates for your precious little munchkins. 

 We’ve found that the  ‘Dream Cloud’ themes looks absolutely darling and wouldn’t look out of place inside your child’s nursery or bedroom. Plus, if there’s one thing that we’ve realised over the years is that children and babies love seeing their own photographs on display. It puts the biggest smiles on their little faces as they study their own features in prints; and once your kids get a little bigger,  they’ll proudly go show off their little treasure to anyone around. 

Now that you know everything that there is to know about Pixajoy’s shiny, metal masterpieces, why not visit our website and start designing your own metal prints today! 

P/S:  For those of you who happen to reside in Singapore but would also like to design your own Metal prints, you can do so on our Singapore website.

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