Curated Photo Books: A Habit Worth Starting.

by | May 6, 2021 | Inspiration

Since the earliest point of history, human beings have been shown to be naturally compelled to record themselves, their surroundings and moments that they consider ‘significant’ to share. From primitive cave paintings to sculptures by master artists, people have sought to record moments of great importance.  

Unfortunately, no matter how masterful a painting or sculpture is, they’re often limited to the artist’s own capabilities, the era’s stylistic interpretation and more often than not, does not give viewers an accurate representation of what the human eye sees. It wasn’t until the camera was invented and photography became widespread that people were able to really showcase exactly what they see in printed form. 

According to statistics, 90% of people who take photos, do so via smartphones due to how convenient it is.  This just proves that in this day and age, it has become immensely easy to produce hundreds of photos in a single day. But because it has become so easy to take and store photographs, people have begun to take it for granted. Admittedly we’re all guilty of taking tons of photos during special (and sometimes, not so special) events, but after that, what? 

How often do you actually go through your gallery to look at all the photos you took? Going through thousands of photos to find the correct ones can be an exhausting process even if you wanted to. Which is precisely why you should start getting into the habit of creating (and printing out) curated photo books of your important moments and significant memories. 

Making An Impression

Photographs can capture all the fun and beautiful moments in our lives. The family, friends, pets, special occasions and experiences that mean the world to us and have helped to shape us to be the person we are today. 

By creating a collection of curated photo books, you’ll be able to better remember the moments you hold dear and keep in mind (and heart) all the experiences that you might otherwise forget. After all, human beings retain different types of memories for different lengths of time – with short-term memories lasting between several seconds to hours and long-term memories lasting for years (though the details may become fuzzy over time).

Minimum Effort, Maximum Gain

With Pixajoy, you’ll be able to easily create a collection of heirloom quality, curated photo books in the span of a few minutes. Whether you’re planning to create a family photo book, a wedding album, a travel book or a photo book of simple, everyday moments, we’ve got you covered.  

Our sophisticated yet easy to use editor will be able to help you produce a stunning photo book for all your most important moments. Not only is it easy to navigate and user friendly, but the editor also comes with several helpful features to help you edit and beautify your photo books to your exact specification. 

Additionally, our team of creative designers have also created over a hundred gorgeous, thematic templates for you to use and customise during your photo book making process – meaning you don’t have to start your book from scratch. 

Pro-Tip: If you’d like to create a photo book (or other photo memorabilia) on the go, or if your computer/laptop is unavailable, we also have a free app for both Android and iOS that you can download and use to create your photo projects. 

Books Made to Last

The process of creating a photo book – from gathering and sorting photos to editings and finally getting them ready to print can be a time consuming one, but the results are always rewarding. Rest assured that all the effort you put into making your books will not go in vain as the photo books produced by Pixajoy are made from the finest materials. This measure is taken to ensure that you receive a timeless product that will be able to house your precious memories for many years to come.

We have a softcover and several hardcover options for you to choose from when building your book (inclusive of the Imagewrap, Debossed, Flush Mount and Die-Cut books). 

Pro-Tip: Our Imagewrap photo book range is the most popular for family keepsakes and is available in 12 sizes and three orientations, 20 – 150 pages and endless personalisation options – making it the ideal choice for all kinds of books; ranging from family celebrations to weddings and everyday memories.

What You See, Is What You Get

A newborn’s first everything, kindergarten, the first day of primary school, learning to swim, high school, college… time seems to simultaneously move at a snail’s pace and incredibly fast at the same time.  A look into any mirror is enough to see just how quickly things can change without us noticing. This is why we wholeheartedly believe that every moment is precious and worth capturing. 

It’s apparent that in the digital world, where Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos and the likes exist, printing physical copies of photos – much less creating a photo book – is becoming less prevalent. However, the convenience of online storage platforms simply cannot beat the control and fidelity to your photos that a printed, curated photo book can provide.

As some of you might know, photos may appear different on the screen depending on your devices and computer colour calibrations. A good example of this is the viral ‘gold and white’ or ‘blue and black’ dress photo that circulated on social media back in 2015. 

The single image managed to polarize the whole internet into two, aggressive factions with neither one budging from their opinions until the truth was finally revealed. And even then there were still some people who argued about the colour of the dress!

But with printed photo books, you won’t have that problem. With archival quality of inks, papers and bindings, and even the varied perception of our own eyes aside, a photo book can (and will) showcase the images as seen through your eyes – and it will appear the same to everyone, regardless if they’re looking at the book in Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

A Gift Worth Treasuring

If you need another reason to start habitually making photo books, just know that they also make for incredibly thoughtful gifts. Unlike flowers, chocolates or teddy bears, a personalised photo book is a far cry from the generic gifts that you can purchase at any ordinary gift shop or department store.  The time, effort, and customisation of each book demonstrate the amount of thought and care that went into creating such a special gift.

Best of all, photo books are very versatile and can be gifted for any occasion, including birthdays, valentines day, mother’s day, anniversaries, weddings and so forth. 

In short, gifting a curated photo book is an excellent way to ensure that your nearest and dearest know that you care about them and that they mean a lot to you.

Let’s face it. There’s just something about holding a physical book that consists of your own images in hand that hits differently.

Not only do the images look much better than on Social Media (which tends to shrink images to the minimum), but it makes sharing precious moments and fond memories amongst family and friends a much easier (and at a time, heartwarming) experience. 

No matter the season, it’s never too late to start building up a habit of making curated photo books to help preserve your beloved and precious memories.

You can visit our website and browse through various photo book types and templates or if you’re in the mood for creating other, assorted photo gifts, you can check out our latest promotions. 


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