Have you face below situation during doing your Photo Book project in Pixajoy Editor?

  • Create your project in computer A (company computer) and wish to continue the project at computer B (your personal computer).
  • The painful of redo your project due to computer hard disc damage, infected by virus or accidentally deleted your project.

If your answer is yes, definitely this article will help you. Here we have the step to teach you how to copy your Pixajoy Editor project from computer A to computer B.

There are 2 folders that you need copy for transfer project to other’s computer:
1) Your photo book project files – At computer A, go to My Documents > Pixajoy Editor Projects. Copy the project name folder.

2) Your pictures folder. Let say your pictures is located in c:\photos, then you need to copy all pictures under this folder.

After copy this 2 folders go to computer B, copy this 2 folders and locate each folder to the same path as state in the first and second step to avoid missing pictures when open the project in Pixajoy Editor.

Happy Pixajoying!