Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Gift Guide, Inspiration

When it comes to this particular gift-giving holiday, Christmas time will surely have a lot of people feeling some kind of way. For some people, it’s the feeling of anticipation and excitement; of feeling jolly and having the urge to go out into the world to spread some goodwill- kind of like how all those Hallmark Christmas movies taught us as kids. 

For others, Christmas time can bring about feelings of stress, anxiety and pure, gut-wrenching panic as the holiday deadlines creep steadily closer. Perhaps it’s your new nieces and nephews that are stressing you out because it’s been a long time since you were a kid and you have no idea what the 4 to 6-year-old crowds are even into in this day and age. Maybe it’s your Gen-Z sibling whose online wish list is filled with nothing but memes and pop-culture references that you don’t quite understand anymore. Mayhaps it’s even your in-laws who already have everything they could ever want – making finding them a good gift almost impossible. 

There’s really no shame in being part of the ‘Panic! It’s Christmas!’ faction, because as silly as some people make it out to be, there are also a lot of other people who are in the exact same boat and would love for nothing but to have a cheat sheet of presents that they could refer to in order to get through the holidays unscathed. Let’s take a look at some possible Christmas gifts and see if we can stay calm until the 25th gets here.

Christmas Gifts For Kids

It’s no secret that when it comes to Christmas season, the ones who are the most excited about the holiday is the kids. It’s the one day of the year (apart from their birthdays) where they can be assured to receive a gift – be it in the form of new toys, gadgets, games or clothes. If you find yourself struggling to find a gift for your favourite mini-people, here are some fun gift suggestions that they’ll love!

Pie Face

Credits: @billsbargainsyarra on Instagram 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across your fair share of hilarious videos that involve the Pie Face game floating around social media. In the game, players are to load the throwing arm with a generous helping of whipped cream (sold separately) before taking turns spinning the spinner and sliding their heads through the provided mask. Then, the players are to twist the handles the exact number of times the spinner tells them to – what makes it fun is that there is no way of knowing if they’ll end up with a face full of whipped cream or not!

This fun, hilarious and somewhat messy game is endlessly entertaining and best of all, it’s also super fun for adults too!

Personalised Storybooks

If you’re shopping for gifts for a voracious little reader, then you can never go wrong with storybooks. Not only are children’s storybooks getting progressively more interesting and varied, but they do a lot in instilling good moral values in your child while improving their vocabulary by leaps and bounds.

While you can probably pick up something interesting from the ‘Best Sellers’ section at your local bookstore, why not go one step further and create a personalised storybook for your little ones to enjoy. After all, what could be more exciting and memorable to a child than reading a book where the main character is themselves?

Personalised Flash Cards

If you’re looking to get a more educational gift for the younger members of your family (possibly in the 2 to 6-year-old range), then you might want to consider getting them a pack of fun and colourful flashcards. It’s a proven fact that flashcards are a great learning tool to introduce new words, images and concepts to children – plus it can also improve their memory and speed up their ability to read and write.

At Pixajoy, you can create your own set of customised flashcards via the personalised playing cards option. Put a fun twist to your gift by adding images of family members, bright patterns, names of colours- you can even create pair cards so that the kids can play ‘match up’ games and have fun while learning.

Itazura Coin Bank

Credits: @amaterasu_store on Instagram

The Itazura Coin Bank or ‘Stealing Money’  coin bank is a perfectly adorable gift that can teach children how to form good saving habits. This cute coin bank is a product of Japan and features a mechanical animal that ‘steals’ your coins to help you save up for a rainy day. All that needs to be done is to simply place a coin on the plate, lightly push down and watch as a mechanical paw comes out to snatch the coin into the box- making an entertaining noise as it does so!

The kids will no doubt be entranced and will want to place coins endlessly onto the plate in order to see the cute animals ‘stealing’ their allowances savings again and again.

Christmas Gifts For Teens

Christmas shopping for teenagers can be a harrowing adventure in itself. Between navigating through the latest trends, pop-culture references and music scene, finding the perfect gift for mercurials teens can be a bit tricky but not impossible! To help you out, here is a list of fun and impressive gift suggestions that your teenager might like.

Custom Tumblers 

If your teens are the active type who loves participating in all manner of physical activities – be it camping, going to the gym, running, biking and the likes – ensure that they stay healthy and well-hydrated with a personalised tumbler. Available in various shapes and unique designs, your teens will love toting around their one-of-a-kind, personalised tumbler everywhere they go. 

What makes personalised tumblers a good gift for your teen is that it will be easily recognisable- after all, no one would be able to confuse their generic tumblers with one that has been obviously designed and customised with care. Additionally, by gifting your teens with an eco-friendly tumbler, you’re also reducing their dependency on single-use plastic bottles and helping them do their part to help the environment.

Herschel Heritage Backpack

Credits: @josueaballay07 on Instagram

Perfect for school, a quick weekend getaway or even everyday use, the Herschel Heritage Backpack is something that any teen would love to have in their possession. Rated as one of the top 3 Herschel Bags to own, this super stylish backpack is light, isn’t overburdened with extra padding on the back panel or laptop sleeve and is big enough to fit in a 15″ inch laptop, binders, water bottle, packed lunches, a foldable umbrella and even a jacket or two.

Made of a lightweight material, it’s easy to swing around and carry on your shoulder. Plus, the bag’s zippered front pocket with its concealing flap comes in clutch as it can prevent pickpockets from attempting to steal anything valuable your teen might have stored in the front pockets.

Personalised Notebooks

If you have a creative teen on your hands, then you can never go wrong by getting them a stunning personalised notebook. Now, most of you might think that notebooks are a bit on the boring side of gifts – well that’s where you’re wrong. For a creative teen, notebooks are a practical gift that can be used every day and the more the notebooks, the better! After all, they can separate each notebook for different purposes in their lives – like habit trackers, journaling, drawings and poetry and even one for all the ideas that they might have for books they plan on writing.

In addition, your teens will adore the fact that you’ve put so much thought and consideration to personalise a notebook for them and will practically flock to social media to show off their new present! 

Pro Tip: Besides standard photo notebooks, at Pixajoy you can also choose to purchase and customise the Deluxe Notebook series. Available in both hardcover and softcover, the Deluxe Notebook series comes in two different sizes with stunning designs, three types of FSC Certified insert paper (in lined, dots and blanks) and can be purchased in sets of threes (applicable for Softcover Deluxe Notebooks only). 

Portable Inflatable Lounger

Credits: @fazerasmalas on Instagram

There’s nothing a teenager enjoys doing more than just taking some time to just chill out and have some time for themselves. The thing about teens is that when they aren’t going off somewhere with their friends- hanging out at malls or at cute cafes, they’re almost always locked up in their rooms, either playing video games, watching Netflix shows or simply going online to scroll through social media.

In short, they are kind of like cats – independent, social and love being comfortable. So this Christmas, why not equip your teen with a portable, inflatable lounger so that they can kick back and relax in any spot they feel comfortable! 

The beauty of the portable inflatable lounger is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors (giving your teen the option to skip out of sitting on the cold, hard ground) and can be easily carried from place to place – meaning that your teens can bring it along to their college dorms, should they wish.

Christmas Gifts For Adults

When it comes to adults, there are two factions of belief. One subscribes to the fact that adults are more nostalgic and would prefer more sentimental gifts – something that will allow them to remember some of their most memorable moments and elicit that ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling in their chest. 

The other faction subscribes to practicality – believing that adults would much prefer to receive something that can be used in their day to day life – but they also wouldn’t mind if the gift featured a subtle hint of personality. 

Taking these two factions into consideration, here’s a round-up of incredibly useful yet heartwarming gifts that any adult would be pleased to receive on Christmas.

Personalised Coasters

If you know someone who is an avid fan of coffee, tea or even wine, then you can’t go wrong with giving them a set of personalised coasters. As many of you know (and some know all too well), a single drop of tea, coffee and wine can ruin your pristine table cloths or mark up your coffee table. Therefore, having something that can protect the table and dainty linen from harm would be a much-appreciated gift.

By adding your own personal touches to the coasters – such as images, texts, monograms or more, you’ll be able to create a coaster that’s functional, looks trendy and would make for great conversation starters.

Pro Tip: At Pixajoy, there are plenty of gorgeous designs that you can choose from to create a set of personalised coasters. Additionally, there is also an option to add on a gorgeous wooden slotted coaster holder alongside the coasters – turning it into a wonderful set.

Smartphone Wallet Case

Credits: @go.gsm on Instagram

As the name suggests, a smartphone wallet cases is a combination between a smartphone case and a wallet – usually in the style of folios or snap-on cases. They often time comes with several compartments that will allow a person to store their credit cards, ID, drivers license and some petty cash for those ‘just in case instances’.

Stylish and practical, these smartphone wallet cases makes for a great gift; especially if you have friends or family members who are particularly forgetful – especially when it comes to small, easily misplaced things like their keys, wallets or smartphones. By getting them a smartphone wallet case, you’ll be able to ease their burden of having to carry around too many items. Additionally, you’ll also be able to give them some measure of protection for their phones – especially if they’re the type of person who throws their phones into their bags with little regard.

Pro Tip: Depending on the phone type, you can find a huge array of unique Smartphone wallet cases that range from slim and stylish to rugged and tough. 

Christmas Themed Photo Books

There’s plenty of reasons why photo books would make for an amazing gift to give someone on Christmas, but the first and foremost reason is that photo books have this uncanny ability to make people happy. When it comes right down to it, there’s always a kind of magic that goes hand in hand with browsing through a photo book that’s filled with old Christmas and family photos – especially when that book was made by someone you love and features photos that bring back all the fun, crazy, wonderful moments from the past years. 

A Christmas photo book can stir up all the memories you thought were long forgotten (a treasure in itself when you think about it) and would immediately be deeply appreciated for the emotional connection it brings. Plus, the photo book would also look fantastic when placed on a coffee table or bookshelf when not in use. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to record each and every moment spent with your loved ones, why not put those photos on your phone to good use and create a ‘Christmas Review’ photo book that showcases all the happy occasions that have happened in between the start of the year to Christmas – maybe even go a step further and include decade-old photos to do a ‘throwback’ or comparison photo book between ‘them’ and ‘now’. 

Pro Tip: Why not start a new Christmas tradition with your family by creating a photo book for each Christmas or holiday celebration. That way, you’ll be able to start a collection and see just how much each of you has grown throughout the years.

Adult Colouring Book

Credits: @chiakiz on Instagram

Who says that colouring books are just for kids? In an increasingly busy world that seems to be dominated by the glow of phones, tablets and PC screens, turning to the soothing art of colouring has become the latest trend in helping adults to de-stress and relax. This Christmas, help your giftee rediscover the simple childhood joy of colouring with adult colouring books. From lawyers and financial advisors to business owners and busy parents, the adult colouring book will be able to help them relax and unwind after a stressful day at the office or dealing with rambunctious kids. 

In addition, this calming and almost meditative activity can also help soothe a person’s anxiety and promote mindfulness as a majority of adult colouring books feature tranquil scenes such as mandalas, water or wooded scenes, geometric and natural patterns as well as wildlife imagery- all specifically designed to help promote relaxation. 

Pro-Tip: Besides Christmas theme colouring book, there are also various other themed colouring books for you to choose from – including those that feature animals, people, patterns and even pop-culture.

Hopefully, this little cheat sheet will prove itself useful to you when you’re out Christmas Shopping in the next few days. Remember! Try to get your shopping done early and avoid the holiday crowd! Additionally, if you’re looking into getting personalised gifts for your loved ones for Christmas, feel free to visit our website to browse through fabulous gifting options.

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