A Look Inside the Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book

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They say that in order to see what a person truly cherishes and is afraid to lose, take a look at what they choose to photograph. At the heart of it all, Pixajoy was born from the idea that everybody – regardless of age, gender, race and ethnicity, has a unique story to tell. Photography just happens to be one of the easiest and most direct ways for a person to tell their story.

As technology continues to grow and advance, we’ve grown used to seeing people share snippets of life stories through:

  • Instagram and Facebook Post
  • TikTok and Snapchat videos
  • YouTube Video Blogs
  • Blog Posts
  • Creating an online album

While these platforms are great for sharing your moments with the world, don’t you think that it’d be pretty cool to have something that is just for yourself or your closest friends and family members?

Tailor-made to preserve and honour memorable moments from occasions such as: 

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations 
  • Vacations
  • Birthdays
  • Reunions

The Imagewrap Hardcover is one of our most popular photo books. With its unique mix of high-end paper materials, full-bleed imagewrap cover and versatile customisation, the Imagewrap Hardcover is a long-lasting book that is perfect for preserving moments from any kinds of occasions in style. 

Read on to find out more about why this photo book is a ‘must-have’ for your collection.

The Cover

The Imagewrap Hardcover is the perfect choice for both beginners and veteran photo book creators. Designed to give your favourite photo a ‘front and centre’ treatment, the Imagewrap Hardcover features a full-bleed image of your choice printed and wrapped around a sturdy hardboard cover. 

Since the cover itself is fully customisable, you will be able to use different designs and photos to create photo books with different themes – like travel, weddings, birthdays and the likes. Basically, the imagewrap hardcover makes it easy for you to distinguish one book from the other in your collection. 

Additionally, you can also choose the finishing you’d like to use on the cover. Choose between vibrant gloss or sophisticated matte finishing to give your Imagewrap hardcover that extra special touch.

Side Sewn Binding

When it comes to binding techniques, the Imagewrap Hardcover utilises the durable side sewn method to increase the photo book’s longevity. What side sewn binding entails is that the pages are invisibly stitched along the spine to create a curved gutter. This style of binding is also known as stab-sewn binding. It’s a time-honoured technique that makes binding books with more than 100 pages possible. 

An additional characteristic of the Imagewrap Hardcover photo books that feature side-sewn binding is that the outer pages sit flatter than those at the centre of the book (where the gutter is deeper). 

In short, the book cannot ‘lay flat’. (But that doesn’t make it any less amazing!)

Shape & Orientation

The Imagewrap Hardcover photo books come in three shapes or orientations which are:

  • Landscape – 6″x 8″| 8.5″x 11″| 11″x 15″| 12″x 16″
  • Portrait – 8″x 6″| 11″x 8″| 11″x 8.5″
  • Square – 6″x 6″| 8″x 8″| 11″x 11″

The reason for providing these shapes and orientations is simply because we believe that people should have the option to choose how they’d like to present their stories. 

Here are some helpful tips for when you want to choose a photo book shape and orientation:


  • Taller than they are wider. 
  • Saves space on the bookshelf
  • Excellent for creating photo books that focus more on details; such as a person’s face, features or expression.


  • Wider than they are taller. 
  • Gives a feeling of peace and balance.
  • Best orientation to showcase an overview of different elements that build a scene.


  • Even length on all sides. 
  • Fresh, modern look to display your photos. 
  • Versatile as it is the ideal shape for displaying landscape and portrait photography as well as your Instagram snaps.

Tell The Full Story

As mentioned before, the Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book is quite versatile. In addition to having plenty of templates, the Imagewrap Hardcover also has the ability to add up a maximum number of 150 pages. In terms of photos, you can include an unlimited number of photos into the book – depending on your own personal preference. 

In short, no matter what kind of story you’d like to tell or how long it may be, the Imagewrap Hardcover was designed so that you can fit everything – from beginning to end into the pages. 

Paper Types

To ensure that the photo book meets your personal preferences, the Imagewrap Hardcover also comes with three paper materials and finishing for you to choose from. Depending on what kind of tone your book carries, the paper material and finishing can dramatically add more impact to the book.  

The paper options available include: 

  • 190gsm Premium Photo Lustre: Features a beautiful pearly/sandy texture with the slightest hint on shine. Offers great longevity and softens images to give your book a more romantic and decadent appeal. [FSC Certified]

  • 150gsm Art Paper with Gloss Lamination:  Offering the best in terms of dynamic colour contrast, the photos printed using this paper type will appear modern and lively.

  • 150gsm Art Paper with Matte Lamination: Classy and elegant, the photos printed using this paper type will appear smooth and completely shine-free.

*Do note that all the paper materials used in producing our range of photo books are ethically sourced. 

Custom Slipcase

While the Imagewrap Hardcover is sturdy and can withstand quite well against rough treatment. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give the book that’s holding your precious memories some extra measure of protection! This is where the slipcase comes in. The slipcase is an optional accessory that you can purchase alongside your photo book. 

Tailor-made to fit the exact size of your photo book, the slipcase is made of a sturdy hardboard material and will feature a similar design to the cover of your Imagewrap Hardcover photo book. Designed to offer your photo book an extra layer of protection, the slipcase only has one opening – utilising a ‘slide-in’ method to either store or retrieve the book from the protective casing. 

Advantages of having a slipcase:

  • Protects book against dust
  • Protects book from light (lower the risk of discolouration over time)
  • Protects the book from being dented should it be dropped
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • The perfect way to present your Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book (if gifting to someone)

That wraps up this in-depth peek at our highly sought after Imagewrap Hardcover photo book! To summarise, the Imagewrap Hardcover has a lot to offer. It’s versatile enough to be used for almost every occasion and has some pretty impressive specs backing it up. Should you be interested to explore other types of photo books or create a different type of photo good, feel free to visit our website

Be sure to check out our latest promotions as well! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something interesting that will strike your fancy!

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