A Look Inside the Debossed Layflat Photo Book

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Facts

The newest addition to our line of photo books, the Hardcover Debossed Layflat is the most highly anticipated, premium and personalisable option available — within our current photo book collection. After conducting a poll, the team at Pixajoy decided to combine two of our customer’s most favourite features: 

  • Debossed cover: Featuring a debossed window to showcase your favourite photo along with its wide array of cover materials. 
  • Layflat pages: With the ability to open at 180°, it gives your photos maximum coverage so that you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Tailor-made to preserve and honour your most meaningful moments, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Proms
  • Graduations and other important family milestones;

The debossed layflat photo book is the answer to our customer’s demand for:

“A  highly stylish and elegant photo book!” 

The Debossed Layflat was designed to bring more elevated details into our current photo book collection. Read on and we’ll tell you all the details about what makes this photo book a ‘must-have’ for your own collection. 

The Cover

To start off, let’s talk about the exterior cover of the debossed layflat photo book. Utilising a variety of cover materials including Buckram, Texturised Metallic, Tinsel Shine and Texturised Silk, the cover of the photo book can be personalised to suit a variety of special occasions, including:

  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings and Anniversaries
  • Family Trips
  • Graduations (from pre-school to PhD) 

And just about any other occasions, you can possibly think of. Since there’s no obvious design present on the cover, (save for the photo you choose to use for the debossed window), this photo book offers you greater flexibility in terms of what you can use it for. 

The Front Cover Photo

A feature that is unique to this type of photo book cover is the inlaid cover photo. When personalising the debossed layflat photo book, users can actually select a photo that best represents the content of the book and set it as the featured image. The photo will then be debossed and firmly attached to the front cover – thus giving the debossed layflat photo book that distinctive and sophisticated look users have been craving for. 

Additionally, you can also choose the finishing used for the photo placed on the front cover of your debossed layflat photo book. Both the protective gloss and matte lamination would look stunning when nestled against the texturised cover materials; the gloss finishing giving your book a modern look while the matte just adds another layer of elegance and sophistication.

Perfect Panoramic Spread

Like our other Layflat photo books, the pages within the debossed layflat photo book will be able to showcase your photos in their full glory. Due to the binding techniques used to create the Layflat effect, you can actually have your images run across both halves of the spread; interrupted only by a subtle fold line down the middle (where the gutter should be). 

For those of you who are more creatively inclined, this type of binding will also give you more flexibility in terms of how you showcase your images. For example, you can print a full bleed landscape or panorama image across the spread of your photo book; thus making the image the sole focal point and adding an interesting element to your photo book spread.

Luxurious Pages

Another advantage of the Debossed Layflat Photo Book is the thickness of the pages. To achieve that highly sought after premium look and feel, each page of the debossed layflat photo book is bonded to hardboard. This brings the thickness of each page to 1.5mm. Aside from contributing to the overall durability and aesthetics of the photo book; the thicker, layflat pages also prevent the book from springing back and closing in on itself when people are flipping through it. 

Paper Types

The debossed layflat photo book also comes with three paper options for you to choose from in order to ensure that the book fits your needs and aesthetics. Each paper material and their respective finishing will also give your photo book a different appeal. 

The paper options available include: 

  • 1360 gsm Textured Linen Paper: Elegant, classy and durable. Its main feature is the smooth, subtly embossed texture that is reminiscent of fine linen.
  • 1300gsm Art Card with protective Matte Lamination:  Classy and elegant, the photos printed using this paper type will appear smooth and completely shine-free.
  • 1300gsm Art Card with protective Gloss Lamination: Offering the best in terms of dynamic colour contrast, the photos printed using this paper type will appear modern and lively.

Custom Slipcase

To top it all off, the debossed layflat photo book also comes with an optional slipcase; tailor-made to fit the size of your photo book.  Made of thick board material, the custom slipcase will feature a similar design to the cover of your photo book. Designed to offer your photo book an extra layer of protection, the slipcase only has one opening – utilising a ‘slide-in’ method to either store or retrieve the book from the protective casing. 

That wraps up this in-depth peek at our newest addition to our premium-quality photo book category! The debossed layflat photo book certainly has a lot to offer but if you’d like to explore other photo books or create a different type of photo good, feel free to visit our website! Maybe you’ll find something interesting that will strike your fancy!

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