A Look Inside the Debossed Hardcover Photo Book

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In this post, we’re going to be talking about another one of our hardcover photo books. The Debossed Hardcover Photo Book is part of our premium collection of photo books. Featuring a debossed window on the front cover to showcase your favourite photo, this particular photo book gives off a timeless and classic feeling and will make for a great heirloom to pass down onto future generations.

When it comes to the personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book, a majority of users prefer to use it for preserving events such as:

  • Baby Books
  • Family Reunions
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations 
  • Travel/Vacations 

Additionally, the Debossed Hardcover Photo Book is also a great choice for those of you who want to make a ‘Year in Review’ photo book. 

To find out more about what makes the personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book so special and why you need one in your collection, just keep on reading!

The Cover

Unlike our Imagewrap and Softcover photo books, the cover of the Debossed Hardcover Photo Book consists of sturdy hardboards that have been wrapped in your choice of cover materials. These materials range from:

  • Textured metallic (in Linen, Croc & Leather textures)
  • Buckram
  • Tinsel Shine

Fun Fact: The various cover materials are made of natural fibres (plant-based fibres) which are non-corrosive, durable, renewable and sustainable.  

Another marked difference between the other types of photo book cover is the debossed window. In order to achieve this effect, an image of your choosing (usually your favourite image or one that makes obvious what the whole book is about) is depressed into the front cover of your book. This technique lends a fresh and contemporary look to your book with the addition to making your book look and feel more premium and luxurious.

Pro-Tip: You can further personalise the Debossed Hardcover Photo Book by choosing the finishing you’d like to use on the photo that will be placed on the debossed cover.

Side Sewn Binding

With all the effort it takes to create a memory keepsakes photo book, you definitely want to ensure that it’s long-lasting, right? Well aside from looking premium and luxurious, the personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book is also remarkably durable. Made to withstand its fair share of rough treatment, the book utilises the side sewn binding method to ensure the photo book’s longevity. 

Some of you might be wondering; what is side sewn binding?

Well to break it down, side sewn binding is when the pages of your book are invisibly stitched together along the spine to create a curved gutter. This style of binding is also known as stab-sewn binding. A similar style of binding is utilised in our Imagewrap Hardcover Books as well as our Softcover book

Another reason why we employ this technique (besides for longevity and aesthetics) is because this time-honoured binding method also makes binding books with more than 100 pages possible. 

Fun Fact: You can create a Debossed Photo Book with a minimum of 40 pages and a maximum of 150 pages.

Shape & Orientation

The Debossed Hardcover photo books come in three shapes or orientations which are:

  • Landscape – 6″x 8″ | 8.5″x 11″ | 11″x 15″
  • Portrait – 8″x 6″| 11″x 8″| 11″x 8.5″ | 15”x11”
  • Square – 8” x 8” | 11” x 11” | 12” x 12”

Do Note: The size choices provided were carefully selected so that you’ll be able to enjoy any orientation at their most optimal sizes. 

In addition, if you’re having trouble deciding which orientation you’d like to go for, here’s some helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting your photo book orientation:


  • Taller than they are wider. 
  • Saves space on the bookshelf
  • Excellent for creating photo books that focus more on details; such as a person’s face, features or expression.


  • Wider than they are taller. 
  • Gives a feeling of peace and balance.
  • Best orientation to showcase an overview of different elements that build a scene.


  • Even length on all sides. 
  • Fresh, modern look to display your photos. 
  • Versatile as it is the ideal shape for displaying landscape and portrait photography as well as your Instagram snaps.

Add Sophistication to Your Story

Earlier on, we’ve mentioned the fact that the personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book has the ability to hold a maximum of 150 pages. In terms of photos, there’s no limit to how many photos you can fit in the book. It all depends on the layout you choose to use. Some might find it neater to use 1 or 2 photos per page. Others might prefer a more creative, larger than life look and may arrange a layout that features 6 or 9 photos per page.

It all depends on your own personal preference and creativity. 

Furthermore, while the cover itself may seem understated – featuring only one debossed image, the variety of colourful, textured cover materials will allow you to play around with your book’s looks and feel. The combination of cover materials, plus the debossed photo also ensures that your book will appear elegant with a sophisticated minimalist appeal.  

So in short, with the personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book, you’ll be able to honour your precious memories and tell your story in a way that is a step above from a regular photo album. 

Paper Types

To ensure that the photo book meets your personal preferences, the Debossed Hardcover Photo Book also comes with five paper options and finishing for you to choose from. Depending on what kind of tone your book carries, the paper material and finishing can dramatically add more impact to the book.  

The paper options available include: 

    • 190gsm Premium Photo Lustre: Features a beautiful pearly/sandy texture with the slightest hint on shine. Offers great longevity and softens images to give your book a more romantic and decadent appeal. [FSC Certified]
    • 150gsm Art Paper with Gloss Lamination:  Offering the best in terms of dynamic colour contrast, the photos printed using this paper type will appear modern and lively.
    • 150gsm Art Paper with Matte Lamination: Classy and elegant, the photos printed using this paper type will appear smooth and completely shine-free.
    • * 240gsm Textured Paper Linen: Exudes an elegant and classy feel, this durable material is resistant to colour fade and features a smooth, subtly embossed texture that is reminiscent of fine linen.
    • * 150gsm Textured Fine Art: Features a smooth and writable surface, this premium quality textured fine art paper softens your images to give it a more lively and earthy appeal. Highly suitable for printing nature photography, artworks, and black & white images.

      *Applicable for photo books sizes 11” x 15” and above.

Custom Slipcase

We can all agree that putting together a photo book is a labour of love. It takes some time, research and a lot of picture taking and prep to be able to get enough materials to put together a bountiful book. That being said, once you’ve finished putting together your own personalised Debossed Hardcover Photo Book, you definitely want to make sure it remains in pristine conditions.

This is where the slipcase comes in. 

Made out of pieces of sturdy hardboard, the custom slipcase is handcrafted to fit the exact measurement of your book. To ensure it fits with the overall aesthetic of your book, the slipcase (should you order it) will feature the same materials used to design the cover of your Debossed Hardcover Photo Book.

For example, if you chose to use a textured metallic cover in Croc Black Pearl for the cover of your photo book, your slipcase will come in Croc Black Pearl as well. 

If some of you are wondering what the slipcase has to offer, here’s a little list:

  • The slipcase will protect your book against dust
  • The slipcase will protect your book from light (lower the risk of discolouration over time)
  • The slipcase will protect your from being dented should it be dropped
  • The slipcase is aesthetically pleasing 
  • The slipcase is the perfect way to present your Debossed Hardcover Photo Book (if gifting to someone)

Utilising a ‘slide-in’ method, the slipcase only has one side open for you to easily store or retrieve your book from the protective casing. 

That wraps up this in-depth peek at our premium Debossed Hardcover Photo Book! To summarise, this particular book is a great option for those of you who prefer a more tactile yet elegant looking book. Not only is it stylish in its minimalist looks, but it’s a great option to preserve all kinds of moments – both serious and silly. 

By the way, if you’re interested to explore a different type of photo book or create a different type of photo good, feel free to visit our website! Be sure to check out our latest promotions as well!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something interesting that will strike your fancy! 

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