8 Personalised Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Malaysia might not have four seasons like the western countries, but that doesn’t stop us from falling in love with all things Fall! From pumpkin spice lattes to everything earth-toned, there’s just something inherently magical about the fall season. Maybe it’s because it’s close to the end of the year (but not quite), but the months of Sept – Nov also feel a lot less stressful compared to the other months. 

Just think about it: Spring and Summer is the time where people are the most social. It’s the time where people hang out, go on trips, start school and the likes. There are also TONS of events in between – like New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Eid… you see where we’re going with this? 

As for winter, it’s almost unanimously dedicated to all things ‘Christmas’. People become ultra-busy with their holiday plans and trying to find that perfect gift to celebrate the holidays. So when it comes to Fall, where there are no major events (save for Halloween), you can’t help but feel a sense of cosiness and rejuvenation. 

This brings us to the topic today. Due to the lack of ‘busyness’ during the fall season, it’s the perfect time for you to redecorate your home and create the cosy spaces of your dream with our best, personalised fall decor ideas. 

Create the Warmest Welcome

When a guest visits your home, the first thing they’ll come into contact with is your front door. Make them feel welcome right at the front door with a personalised doormat. Not only will you be able to show everyone that you have impeccable style, but the personalisation factor is also a good chance to showcase your sense of humour and creativity. 

Display Your Collection

Every home has a collection of ‘something’ that they’re proud to put on display. One of the most common examples is those glass cabinets full of cute, vintage or interesting drink/tableware. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing colourful pieces of ceramics or porcelains arranged neatly in a glass cabinet. Not only can it serve as a statement piece/focal point for your dining room or kitchen, but having a collection of practical (for use) and personalised drinkware can also make mealtimes more lively and enjoyable. 

Just imagine if you’re planning a family dinner party. You can use the personalised mugs or shot glasses to serve as placeholders/indicators for the seating arrangement. Additionally, if someone were to be allergic to something, (lactose intolerant), the personalised mugs could also serve as an indicator as to not add certain ingredients into that particular person’s drink. 

Cosy Colour Palette

One of the most important things to remember about creating a ‘fall themed’ space is the colour palette. The colours most associated with fall are orange, red, yellow and brown – inspired by the changing colours of leaves. Depending on the intensity of the colours used, the palette can bring a sense of warmth and serenity to your spaces.

The easiest (and most seamless) way to infuse your space with ‘autumnal tones’ is through decorating the walls, mantle pieces or shelves with sophisticated looking prints – such as the mounted framed prints. All you need to do is find suitable photos that feature ‘fall colours’ or sceneries, create your mounted framed print via our online or mobile editor and you’re set! 

Opt for Balance

As mentioned before, the easiest way to infuse a room with a fall theme is through printed photos – be it the form of mounted framed prints, wood prints, canvases or something completely different. One of the things all these prints have in commons is that they can be stuck onto the wall to create a wall gallery. 

Personally, we love the thought of creating wall galleries. They make for amazing focal points in any room and you can get really creative when it comes to arranging your cluster of fall-themed art prints and photos. 

When creating a wall gallery, the concept of ‘symmetry’ does tend to pop out quite a lot. But if you’d like to have a more ‘natural and organic‘ feeling to your wall art, skip the symmetry of having similar sized prints arranged neatly together and try to achieve ‘balance’ by mixing and matching different types and sizes of prints.

Always Accentuate

Other than creating a wall gallery, another good way to transition a space into fall is by adding accent pieces. Although they may not be considered “essential” to the function of a room, accent pieces – like throw pillows, coffee table books and coasters – are absolutely necessary from a design perspective in order to bring life into a room. 

The beauty of personalised photo pillows, photo books and coasters is that you don’t have to waste time looking for the ‘perfect design’ to fit with your aesthetic when you can simply create what you want/need right from the get-go! 

Scale Down

The goal of redecorating for fall is not to fill a space with more stuff just for the sake of it. It’s to transform a space in such a way that it brings joy to you every time you step foot into a room. To borrow the words of Marie Kondo; ‘when you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy, you’ll create a home and life you love.’

By scaling down your decor and clearing up clutter, you’ll be able to give your meaningful moments their time to shine in a more meaningful and intentional way. Truth be told, you might even be surprised at how little it takes to create a clean yet eye-catching design scheme using only one or two photos printed on either metal or canvas prints

Accessorise the Bedside Table

For those of you who have a bedside table, don’t let that prime space go to waste! Clear off all the spring/summer clutter and bring in crisp calendar cards, mini-metal prints and enamel mugs with fall designs to add a pop of colour into your room. 

These personalised little accessories will go a long way to turn a simplistic room into a season-appropriate retreat. 

Get Creative

Elevate your fall decor by giving guests something interesting to look at. People are very used to seeing photos tucked away in albums, turned into photo books or blown up into large format prints  – like canvas prints or framed prints. If you can find a creative way to display your meaningful moments, it can give a room a refreshing twist. 

For example, stringing personalised story tag cards on fairy lights or twine is a simple yet delightful way to display your memories. Not only do the lights and twine play into the ‘earthy’ nature of fall, but by utilising story tag cards, you’ll be able to showcase more than 1 photo at a time in a way that isn’t too overwhelming.

We hope that these 8 Personalised Fall Decor Ideas for your home have spanked some inspiration on how you can redecorate your space to create a warm and cosy atmosphere! To find more unique products that can be used to level up your personal space, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website and choose your favourites! 

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