7 Creative Keepsakes Your Family Will Love

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Gift Guide, Inspiration

Kids grow up so fast. One moment they’re tiny and safely swaddled up in baby blankets. The next? They’re all grown up and ready for college! With that being said, the time you spend with your kids is precious. Even 50 years from now when you look back on life, there will never be an instance where you’ll say; ‘I’ve spent way too much time with my kids’. Which is why you should find a way to properly honour all those amazing, fun, crazy and memorable moments spent with them.

One of the easiest ways to do this is of course, by taking photos. With the emergence of smartphones and social media, taking professional-quality photos anytime or anywhere is no longer a problem. Instead of letting those images sit in your gallery, why not print them out and turn them into keepsakes that your whole family will love instead? If you’re not sure what kind of keepsakes you can make, here are a few popular suggestions: 

Canvas Prints

With the ability to seamlessly and stylishly blend into the home, personalised canvas prints are at the top of our list of creative keepsakes your family will love. This easy to personalise wall art is not only beautiful, but it is also super versatile! You can literally customise it with your own design, favourite photos, inspirational quotes and more.

Best of all, the canvas prints we provide also comes in two types: The standards canvas and the Canvas Lite. The standard canvas comes in 14 different sizes and has a thickness of 3 cm. With precisely finished corners and solid construction that will never stretch or sag, the standard canvas prints also comes with four keyhole slots in the back – ensuring that it’s ready to hang straight out of the box.

The canvas lite, on the other hand, is much more streamlined. With a thickness of 0.9 cm (+/-), it is a slimmer version of the standard canvas prints. With precisely finished corners, the Canvas Lite comes with heavy-duty acrylic tape on the back for easy hanging. No holes or drilling required – making it suitable for apartments, dorm rooms or if you just don’t want to damage your walls.

Click here to personalise your own Canvas Prints.

Photo Tiles

One of our newest additions to the home decor and wall art gallery is the photo tiles. Easy to make and hang up, these 8”x8” photo tiles are great for printing out your Instagram photos. From everyday moments to artwork or quotes, these unique tiles are perfect for those of you who would love to create a wall gallery in your home but are reluctant to drill holes into the wall! 

Choose between the front or back mount print to achieve two distinctive looks. The front print mount makes your images pop and give off a cool 3D effect when placed on your wall. The back print mount, on the other hand, gives your images a real feeling of depth – framing your favourite memory in sleek pine wood. 

What makes these photo tiles so great is that they come equipped with reusable adhesive tape. What this means is that you can arrange and rearrange the photo tiles on your walls as many times as you’d like without any consequences.  All you need to do in order to apply the photo tiles onto your wall is:

  • Gently peel off the protective film on the tape. 
  • Press your photo tiles gently onto the wall.
  • Once satisfied with your tiles position, firmly press to secure it against the wall.

And that’s it! Easy, right?

Click here to personalise your own Photo Tiles.

Personalised Mugs

As most people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea, this renders personalised mugs as a universally useful and much-appreciated keepsake. Not only do they come in a wide variety, but they can also be customised to your heart’s content. From goofy photos to beautiful quotes and everything in between, personalised mugs are able to conjure up smiles and a general feeling of ‘goodness’ from anyone lucky enough to receive one. At Pixajoy, you can choose from several mugs options to personalise, including:

  • 11 oz Photo Mug
  • Magic Mug
  • Latte Mug
  • Enamel Mug
  • 15oz Photo Mug

Simply select the kind of mug that you’d like to personalise and decorate it with pictures or text that will remind your loved ones of all the fond memories you’ve shared together. From anniversaries and birthdays to memories of your travels, personalised mugs make for beloved and treasured keepsakes in any household. Additionally, the mugs produced by Pixajoy are made of the finest quality materials and are incredibly long-lasting. Coated with Certified ORCA sublimation coating, the colours printed on the mugs will not fade for up to 10 years! 

Pretty amazing, right?

Click here to personalise your own Photo Mugs.

Personalised Tumblers

Similar to mugs, tumblers can also become a much cherished and useful keepsake. If your family members are the type of people who enjoy travelling or participating in outdoor activities, having a tumbler with them is imperative. After all, it’s always important to stay hydrated! 

In the mass market, you can find tumblers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and designs. But if we’re being honest, how often do you find a Tumbler that perfectly represents you or your family’s personality? Instead of leaving things to chance, why not personalise a tumbler to ensure that your family members will adore it right from the get-go? At Pixajoy, you can do just that! 

To find out more about our tumblers, check out our blog post here

Click here to personalise your own Photo Tumblers.

Photo Pillows

Did you know that the earliest recorded use of pillows dates all the way back to the civilizations of Mesopotamia around 7,000 BC?  Pillows have long been used all over the world to help solve neck, back, and shoulders pains. It is this fact that makes pillows such universally useful and beloved keepsakes! Even more so if they’ve been specially customised to represent a moment your family holds dear.

Just imagine having a mound of personalised photo pillows decorating the bedroom, splayed across the sofa or even decorating the inside of the car! We’re sure that your family will love receiving a personalised photo pillow. They’re comfortable, stylish and make for great accent pieces in the home. 

Featuring machine washable covers, hand-stitched seams, a hidden zipper, and full-bleed printing (printing to the edges), rest assured that your photo pillow will be of the highest quality.

Click here to personalise your own Photo Pillows.

Hanging Canvas

Bring a rustic yet modern touch into any room with personalised hanging canvas prints. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with any decor style, the hanging canvas is printed on premium canvas and fixed between two stained, natural wood hanging rails made of Meranti wood – complete with a rustic twine for hanging. Utilising strong, mini magnets to secure your favourite photos in place, they are a simple yet elegant feature that will naturally bring out the beauty of your family’s precious moments.

Available in 4 different sizes, the hanging canvas makes for a chic addition to your home and is perfect for gifting during any occasion. Unlike the Canvas Lite or the Photo Tiles, the hanging canvas comes with twine and requires a hook for hanging.

Here are some common tips that will help ease the process of putting up your hanging canvas:

  • Ensure that the walls are clean before hanging.
  • Ensure that you know the size of your canvas, especially its centre point. 
  • Measure the space where you’d like to hang up your hanging canvas.
  • We recommend hanging your canvas with its midpoint between 55 to 60 inches from the floor and 8 to 10 inches above any piece of furniture. 
  • If needed, use a pencil to lightly mark the centre point of the wall to help guide you. 

Click here to personalise your own Hanging Canvas.

Bonus: Miracle Baby Poster

Last on our list is the Miracle Baby Poster.  Remember how early on in the blog we mentioned how quickly time flies – especially when it comes to children? Well, the Miracle Baby Poster was created to help serve as a heartwarming reminder of how small each of your family members was at birth and how far they’ve come now.  

Unlike our other photo products, the Miracle Baby Poster is one of the few items that strictly does not require a photo. Instead, our talented in-house artist has created several gorgeous illustrations that can be customised to fit a 1:1  scale of your family members when they were firstborn. All you have to do is fill in the datasheet with the needed information and click order. It’s that easy. Some of the information that will be printed out along with the illustration are:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Length at birth
  • Weight at birth 

Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to have kids to make this poster. In fact, you can even create a Miracle Baby Poster for yourself or even for your parents! Since the illustrations are a 1:1 scale, you can even create a poster for each member of your family, line them up in a row and compare each other’s sizes! 

Click here to personalise your own Miracle Baby Poster.

And that concludes our list of creative keepsakes your family will love. Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on what you can give to your loved ones for any occasions – be it a holiday, birthday or simply just because. Additionally, these keepsakes would also come in handy if you’re thinking about redecorating your home.

For more personalised photo projects, feel free to visit our website.

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