5 Reasons Why Printing Photos Can Boost Your Happiness

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Inspiration

Hey Pixapals! Welcome back to another blog post.”We have all heard the phrase” a picture is worth a thousand words” – meaning: a picture may convey multiple ideas quickly and effectively than the written word. But do pictures or photos we print boost our happiness? If they do, what makes them so special?

To get to know and understand why taking photographs and cherishing them in prints can add joy in our life, we’re going to discuss 5 reasons why printing photos can boost your happiness in today’s blog post. Read on to know the powers of photos and how they can improve our outlook on life.


Remind Us of The Things We Love

We all have someone who is very dear to us, once-in-a-lifetime events, experiences, places and activities that we would like to remember and cherish for a lifetime. However, as we all run to fulfil the necessity of life and achieve a successful position, or for some reasons- we might need to be in a distance or miss the things we loved doing before.

Sometimes, we might also get overwhelmed with work or stuff to do and face a situation in life that gives us a thought that life is so unfair to us.

In this case, photo prints can become a reminder and something that’ll help you to cherish some of the best moments spent with your loved ones and the experiences that make you be mindful of the blessings in your life.

When you got to remember all the things that you love and some good moments of your life, you’ll be more positive and have the courage to face any bad circumstance that life throws at you. This attitude will keep you happy and live your life full of joy.



Save Space While Preserving Memories

Are you one of those people who love to collect coke can, sweet wrappers, drawing or any other objects to be something that’ll remind you of the best moments you had?

Then we bet you might have faced some problems such as your mum throw them away- not knowing you’re keeping them as a memento, you lost them somewhere or you don’t get the same feeling when you look at them after years.

To cherish while saving your space to avoid the things you collect as a memento get thrown away, being a clutter that doesn’t remind you or give you the feel of the moments photos are the best way to go.

Instead of collecting mementoes, taking and printing photos will be easier for you to preserve your memories for years to come and help you to relive the moments in a more organised way. Turning them into a photo book, polaroid photos, framed prints or any other useful photo products are sure to be an effective way to collect moments than the things that don’t last long in your life. Having something unique and easy to look back on your memories will make you happy.

Photos Can Act As a Diary

If you’re one of those who loves to collect your life, your moments and write out about your feelings. Then nothing can be the better memories holder and diary that records every moment that you wish to cherish.

Printing photos to record the little moments that are so precious in your life be it photos of everyday life or special occasions can help you to relive the moments.

By writing a keyword about special days in your life on the polaroid photos, sticking photos for a scrapbook or writing out your thoughts of the moment on a photo notebook is a great way to record your moments in style. 

You’ll be happy to look back at them as a diary to remember everything joyful moments you had, the people who were with you at that moment, a special incident that will always be in your heart that makes you think that life is so meaningful and boosts happiness in your heart.

Photos Foster Creativity

The ability to look at things from a different perspective and leading to new solutions is an effective way to foster creativity. With photos, it will be easier for you to visualise and create something new to solve a problem or unleash your creativity to be successful in your field. Especially if you’re in an art field such as Photography, fashion,  architectural design or even a wedding planner.

When there are times you sit and try your hardest to think of some fresh new ideas or projects and greeted with a mental block, photos can be helpful to make you realise something that you haven’t noticed before. You can also easily figure out the things that you should avoid, add-in and maintain the consistency in your project.

Having helpful things like photo prints related to your works will make it easy for you to stay ahead of your competitors and have a sense of being successful in your career which makes you enjoy your life more.

Become a Replacement  of Things You Love

There are things in our life that we want to keep with yourself, but we couldn’t for some reasons. They can be your favourite person whom you want them to be with you but they’re in a long-distance, your pet which is no more, or something that is very dear to you.

Photo products such as a photo pillow, photo mug, or even a photo book can be a replacement for them that’ll be a great emotional support and memories holder.

Although you can be with your loved ones or own something that you love, they can be a beautiful replacement that can keep you happy.


And that concludes our list of 5 Reasons Why photos can boost happiness. So if you’re inspired to get some unique photo products, feel free to visit our website  Pixajoy.

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