5 Photo Project Ideas You Should Try Over The Weekend

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Nowadays almost everybody is on some form of social media. Platforms like Instagram, VSCO, Facebook, and Snapchat allow you to post and store your photos and videos online; giving you the ability to share your moments with close friends, family and even strangers. Still, no matter how awesome it is to be able to store your photos digitally on the cloud, nothing really beats the feeling of physically holding your memories in your hand. 

Be it in the form of a photo book, prints or any other photo products, having a physical manifestation of your best moments is preferable. You’ll be able to keep your precious memories within your sight without the risk of them being forgotten in a camera roll full of thousands of photos.  

With that being said, here are some ideas, tips and inspiration for you to create fun and fulfilling photo projects in an hour or less!

IDEA 1: Pet Photo Diary

If you have a pet, chances are you have hundreds of photos of them stored on your camera roll. Some of you might have even created an Instagram account that’s solely dedicated to your furbabies (like @nala_cat, @jiffpom and @lionelthehog)! Since you’ve already gone through the effort to take such an extraordinary amount of photos of your adorable pets, why not go one step further and print them out?

After all, those great photos of your furbabies doing something super cute shouldn’t only live online. By printing out your pet’s photos, and turning them into a photo book, you’ll be able to keep those moments from getting lost in the interweb! Plus, having a tangible book that you can flip through, enjoy and share with your less than tech-savvy friends and family members just seems like a sound investment. Ultimately, the goal is to allow everyone to be able to enjoy the cuteness of your pets – regardless if they know how to work a smartphone or not! 

Our Recommendation

The Lifestyle Book is a great option to create a Pet Photo Diary. This journal-style photo book is compact, light and can be just as adorable as your pet! With writable pages, you can even add in handwritten notes or anecdotes to the book to make it even more special! 

Besides using the online editor to insert your pet’s photo into the Lifestyle Book, you can even opt to leave some pages blank so that you can do some scrapbooking activities – like getting your pet’s paw prints stamped on the pages, preserving moulted feathers or even sticking photo prints into the book to give it a fun and versatile texture.

Pro Tip: If you have an Instagram account for your pet, you can use the Pixajoy online editor to import photos from the Instagram account straight to the editor. Additionally, you can also try creating a folder on your device full of the images you’d like to use in the pet book before proceeding to build your book. 

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IDEA 2: Easy Wall Gallery

No matter how big your imagination is or how eloquent you are, no one will know that you’re passionate about travelling, art or spending time with your friends and family if they enter your room – only to be greeted with blank, bland walls and nondescript furniture. This is why wall galleries are so important! They infuse colour, patterns and (most importantly) personality into your chosen space – making the room feel fully inhabited. If you haven’t started on your own wall gallery, we can probably guess that the reasons might include:

  • You’re afraid to damage the walls
  • You think it won’t match your interior decor
  • You believe it’s too much effort
  • You’re afraid you’ll easily get bored with the design 
  • You’re not sure how to start
Our Recommendation

If you’re afraid of damaging your walls or believe you can’t commit to a permanent wall gallery arrangement, you should definitely try out the Photo Tiles. Unlike our other personalisable wall art products like the:

  • Classic framed prints
  • Bohemian style wood prints or;
  • Modern metal prints

The 8”x8” sized Photo Tiles do not require any nails for hanging! Instead, they come with a special adhesive tape that allows you to stick the tiles onto your walls. What makes it even more unique is that these photo tiles are reusable! For example, if you get bored with the arrangement of your photo tile gallery, you can simply unstick the tiles from the wall and re-stick them in a different pattern! 

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Alternatively, you can also try our Canvas Lite prints. Similar to the photo tiles, the canvas lite prints also come with a strong adhesive tape so that you can stick them onto the walls without having to use drills, screws or nails. As the canvas prints come in 5 different sizes, you can also play around with different arrangements based on the size of the canvas lite prints to add more dimension in your living spaces. 

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IDEA 3: Throw Pillows

Don’t you love it when something is both fashionable and functional? Throw pillows (or couch cushions as they’re often referred to) may seem like a tiny part of interior decor, but that simply isn’t true. These comfortable accessories can do wonders in elevating a room and making a house feel more like home. Not only are they soft, and comfortable but throw pillows are also super versatile.

When it comes to living room seating, window benches, and pretty much anything in the bedroom or study room, adding a throw pillow will definitely pack a punch and bring out the subtle design features of the space.

Our Recommendation

If you want a truly unique throw pillow that also doubles as a fabulous photo display, why not try personalising one yourself? The personalisable photo pillows can act as a unique accent piece to any home and can even be placed inside the car – something that’ll definitely keep the back seat passengers happy. Not only are they solid and extremely comfortable, but the photo pillows also come with an easy to remove cover that is also machine washable for easy cleaning. 

If you’ve previously purchased a photo pillow from us, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also customise and buy the covers separately; giving yourself more flexibility in where you use the pillow. 

IDEA 4: Photo Garlands

Whether they’re embarrassing photos, Instagram worthy shots or simply pictures of the people, places or things that make you feel happy, a Photo Garland is a perfectly easy way to elevate simple photo prints and turn them into a fun yet memorable decorations. You can use photo garlands for a number of events and occasions. For example, photo garlands would be perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagements
  • Graduation Parties
  • Bedroom decor
  • Classroom decoration

Plus they’re super easy to make (and there are plenty of tutorials online to show you how it’s done).

Our Recommendation

When it comes to choosing the best photos to print out, the best place is to look at your Instagram. Let’s be honest. You probably put in a lot of effort to make sure only the best of your photos goes onto your Instagram feed. Instead of letting those images live online (and eventually getting buried under digital dust), why not print them out as 5×5 photo prints and put them on display. 

Some of you might ask, why 5×5?

The reason is simply that the 5×5 square prints are the perfect size for printing out Instagram shots (notice that your Instagram feed showcases your images in square boxes). For those of you who are a fan of tactile prints, you can opt to get the photo prints with the soft touch lamination. This fishing actually gives your photo prints a really great, peach skin-like texture with the added benefit of making the print resistant to smudges and fingerprints.

For a more classic look, instead of using photo prints, you can also opt to create a photo garland by using the Story Tag Cards. The difference between the Story Tag Cards and Photo Prints lies in the borders. Unlike the photo prints, the Story Tag Cards (which comes in 2 sizes, Mini and Wide), comes with a polaroid style border – giving your photos that classic, kodak moment look. 

You can choose to keep the border plain or utilise a template to add fun patterns and stickers onto your photo before printing. 

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IDEA 5: Travel Photo Book

Since COVID-19 has put many travel plans on hold, the only real trip most of us can experience during this time is a trip down memory lane. That being said, creating a travel photo book is the perfect weekend activity to help elevate your wanderlust and help you recall a more fun and relaxing period in your life. Making a photo book might take some work, but if you’re well prepared and properly motivated, it’s a seriously fun endeavour. Additionally, creating a travel photo book can also be a fun activity for the whole family! 

Just imagine, each person who went on the trip could have different impressions on certain places or could have captured a totally different set of photos. By sitting down with your family and planning out how to create your travel book, you’ll be able to hear stories you might not have expected, learn new facts and most importantly, relive some of the greatest highlights of your trip with the people you care about. 

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Our Recommendation

If you’re having a hard time to decide just which photo book type to choose when creating a travel photo book, we recommend using the Imagewrap Hardcover. This particular photo book is the most versatile in terms of size, orientation and usage. Perfect for who would like to display their photos right from the get-go, this photo book features a full-bleed image wrap hardcover. This means that you can select a photo (or several photos) of your choice to be printed directly onto the cover of the book. 

Additionally, we also have plenty of travel theme templates for you to choose from and edit so that you don’t have to start your book from scratch!

In terms of choosing your travel photo book’s dimensions, we recommend starting with the 8.5” x 11” landscape. This is the average industry standard for photo books but you don’t necessarily have to create your travel book in this size. By knowing the industry standard, you can make an educated decision when deciding which photo book size and orientation is right for you.

If you’ve come this far, congratulations! You now have 5 brand new ideas on what you can do over the next weekend.  Honestly, some of these photo projects would take an hour or less to complete. But the act of going through your photos, reliving your fun-filled memories and using all those images stored up in your device to create something new and meaningful will make it the most worthwhile hour of your week!

Plus, just think of how excited and happy your friends and family will be when you share with them something more tangible than a mere digital picture!

If you’ve felt inspired and would like to learn more about all the products we have to offer, do feel free to visit the Pixajoy website or check out our latest promotions. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find your next weekend photo project!

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