5 Reasons to Collect Moments, Not Things

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Many of us often think that buying expensive cars, trendy clothes, and fancy gadgets can make our lives easier and happier. Although, we can’t deny that they do make us happy and give us the satisfaction of owning something that we want. In actual fact that materialistic happiness is just short-lived.

Just come to think of it, how long did you wear the pair of shoes that you loved and bought last? I bet you were out shopping again for another pair in less than a few months.

Contrary to popular belief,  collecting moments and memories can lead to a lifetime of happiness than being entangled in the never-ending cycle of seeking material things that make you long for it more. So to enlighten you about why you should collect moments and not things, here we have compiled five concrete reasons. Read on.


Each Moment is Unique and Priceless

The theatre of life has its own script. Each moment is unique and can differ to the individual who experiences it. You can never compare your best moments with someone else’s, as the feeling of satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment you got from a particular moment doesn’t necessarily have to be the same reason for someone else’s happiness.

Let’s say your neighbour took a luxury Caribbean cruise while you were having a staycation at home with your family members. They might enjoy their travel moments with family, a visit to new places and learning something new. Meanwhile, you might also enjoy having family time at home like having lunch together, looking through old photos and more-which can be a valuable moment for you. So, neither of the experience is comparable or better than the other. It all depends on the moment’s that make you happy.

However, this is different when it comes to seeking for material happiness. You can always get something better than what someone has or find a replacement to get satisfaction. For example,  you can buy a look-alike Louis Vuitton bag, but when you meet up with friends, you may see one of your friends carrying the real Louis Vuitton 

They Define Your Personality

Memories make us who we are. They create our worldview in ways we never realise. Just like a character made of Legos, we’re all built of blocks of memories that all fit together to form us and influence the way we react, feel and live.
When you reflect on your life, You’ll realise how everything has built upon itself. Everything you’ve learned from your past from how to read, how to write, how to resolve conflicts, makes you who you are. Things like who taught you and your personal experience of the learning are embedded in the memory itself.
It’s basically like a bag of tools that we can use to shift our thoughts and behaviours in the present, thus creating better experiences, healthier relationships and be successful in life.

Help You Bond With Your Loved Ones

There’s almost nothing more rewarding in life than your close relationships, be it with your spouse, loved one, friends, children, or our families. One of the things that all of the most cherished and satisfying relationships have in common is meaningful memories spent with family.

Every memory of the time you spent with your loved ones will create a stronger bond & as the moments you spent with them makes you understand their personality better, feel the love and care they show you and create a healthier relationship with them.

This will ensure that no matter what happens, your relationship will be stronger and healthier that’ll always keep you connected with them.

Pro-Tip: Also, a simple act like sharing your stories with them-showing your photo books, photo prints or something that you’ve experienced is also a great way to better connect with them.

Can Cheer You Up On Bad Days

Life can be a roller-coaster ride, with its ups and downs, as well as triumphs and disappointments. Sometimes you‘re on top and everything is fabulous, and sometimes you’ll feel down and might feel as if everything in this world is against you.

Although it’s normal to feel down when you’re in a difficult situation. It’s quite important to know how to divert your mind and handle the situation better so that you don’t dwell at the moment again and again.

One of the best ways to do so is by looking through your best moments and being mindful of your blessings in life. When you look back at your happy moments, you’ll realise that the bad moment you’re going through is just temporary. Also, you’ll realise how lucky you are to be blessed with good moments, caring family and friends. This will be a surefire way to get you out of the bad mood and pass through the tough times with a positive attitude and mindset.

Material Things Tend To Get Boring

As we’ve mentioned before, material happiness is short-lived and can never be satisfied. This is because once you get something you’ve been eyeing for-the joy and excitement will only last long for a few days or few weeks.

Just think of it,  you just bought the latest technology gadget and you’re excited to play with it and show off to your friends or family. By the next week, that excitement and joy may have dropped down a notch, and within a few months, that new technology gadget becomes part of the furniture.

It loses its initial charm and you may already have your eye on the next gadget that’s available on the market.

If you spent your time travelling with friends, spend quality time with your family or try to learn something new-like cooking, embroidery or any DIY crafts, it will become a novelty experience in your life. The fleeting nature of experiences may prevent you from feeling bored.

Now that you’ve read through our blog on why you should collect moments instead of things. We hope you will continue to make good memories and cherish them for years to come. If you want something unique or premium quality products to cherish your moments in style, feel free to visit the Pixajoy website and choose your favourites! 

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