1. Take Photographs : Hire a photographer and take the best outdoor & indoor pre-wedding photographs.

2. Make Your Wedding Photo Book : Print your wedding photos into photo book to preserve the sweetest moments from loving to marriage. This is the best wedding book to share with your family and friends. Don’t forget, get a copy of the photo book for your parents and do include a guest book for your dear wedding guests to drop their signature during your wedding dinner.

3. Personalise Invitation Cards : Did you know that wedding photos could be personalised into your wedding invitation cards? Try something special today and make it more interesting and fun wedding. See some ideas here.

 4. Decorate Your Home : Pick your sweetest wedding photographs and print them out! Don’t forget to frame it them up and hang them on the living room as well as your bedroom.

5. Make A ‘Our Love Milestones’ Calendar’ : Personalise your calendar with you love stories. Print your best photographs and mark them down on your personalise calendar. It is always a good idea to mark your ‘Love Milestones’ onto your calendar and display them on your coffee table. Trust me, this would be the best wedding gift for yourself to look back in the future.