4 Easy Ways to Shake Off your Bad Mood.

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Tips and Tricks

We all have those times when something bubbles up from within, be it anger, annoyance, sadness or frustration and our mood darkens like a storm cloud stretching over the sky. It can be caused by many reasons such as a one-off comment, a snide look, a bad day or simply for no apparent reason. They are all completely personal to you and your situation.

Although being in a bad mood is a natural part of the human experience and an inevitable part of life, you don’t have to put up with those foul moods for a long time. It isn’t conducive to you or those around you to be happy and live the best life.

So to help you shake them off quickly so that you can get back your life and learn how to control or balance your mood. Here are 5 ways to shake off your bad mood instantly. Read on.

Look Through Your Best Moments

When you’re in a bad mood, you’ll find yourself caught in the middle of a thought storm which gives you more unwanted feelings that make the situation even worse for you.

As bad moods can often be a result of the triggered issue, thoughts, or emotion-it is important for you to find a way to get you out of the zone. One of the best ways to divert your attention and blank out your negative thoughts is by looking at the photos of your loved ones and happier time.

Looking back at the cute, serene, special or funny moments you’ve experienced in your life will be helpful in taking yourself back to a time when you were happy. For example, snapshots of your travel moments or fun moments with friends and family can take you out from the zone and fill you with happy thoughts. Those photos also serve as a simple reminder that you’re loved and cared for, which in turn makes us feel safe.

So if you ever find yourself in a bad mood and intruding yourself with bad thoughts, look through your photo books or photo prints of your favourite moments and replace them with good thoughts.

Write Down Your feelings Or Blessings

Having a supportive person to talk and vent out about your problem when you’re feeling bad, can be a good way to shake off your bad mood. But if you are not much of a talker, and would rather keep things to yourself, writing about your feelings can be effective in turning your mood around.

Writing things down frees up your conscious mind to move on to other things and put you into a more objective frame of mind. When you write out the problems or situations that triggered your emotions, you are able to remove yourself psychologically from the emotional experience. Thus, can decrease its effects.

Also, jotting down a few things you’re grateful for will help you to focus on the good things you already have, instead of the negative things. For example, writing about how grateful you are to wake up breathing this morning. Feeling grateful that you’re able to see, or that the sun came up today, or that you have a family that loves you can help you to feel a deeper sense of connection and appreciation for all the good already in your life.

Practising this on a daily basis will lead to another shift in perspective and you might find that you start looking for the good things in life more often, rather than focusing on negative things and that you’re happier as a result.

Pro Tip: To make writing as a habit for a better understanding of yourself and get rid of your bad mood instantly, you might want to try a personalised notebook. A personalised notebook with wordings that reminds you of how blessed you are or quotes that reminds you to appreciate your life better will not only motivate you to practice writing as a method to boost your mood but also will be helpful in keeping your emotions in private.

When you create a personalised notebook with your photos, it’s easy for people to recognise that it’s your notebook and you can avoid the situation of someone mistook or misread the content in the book.

Hug a Comfy Pillow

Another easiest and simple way you can do to improve your mood is by hugging comfy pillows. Hugging pillows can be incredibly comforting, making you feel stable and safe at the moment, even when you’re combatting a super stressful environment.
When your arms embrace pillows, you will reap the benefits of releasing oxytocin, the happy hormone will help to lower your blood pressure, calm your mind and improve both your mental and physical aches or pain.
If you would like to get the feeling hugging your loved ones, as they are not there to calm you down, you can get a personalised photo pillow with a photo of your loved ones and hug it every time you feel down.

Drink more water (Stay Hydrated)

Sometimes mild dehydration can give negative effects on your mood and energy levels. You can stay ahead of stress and sip water throughout the day by keeping a bottle of water with you at all times and drink some every half hour or hour during the day.
By doing so, you’ll be less likely to get dehydrated and fall into a bad mood. Remember, don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water instead of drinking more to stay hydrated.
To make every sip you take is meaningful, using personalised mugs with your photo, quotes or special message will work magic. As the photo mug will not only help you to sip in style but also helps you to blank out your negative thoughts while thinking of something special.
Pro Tip: If you’re always on the go, you might want to get your own personalised tumblers.

Now that you got to know some of the best ways to shake off your bad mood without much effort, we hope you can manage your bad mood better when you’re angry, irritated or sad next time. If you want to create something that’ll keep you positive or something that’ll help you shake off your bad mood instantly, feel free to visit our   Pixajoy website. 


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4 Easy Ways to Shake Off your Bad Mood.

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