Top 4 Creative Ways to “Wow” Your Baby Birth Announcement

by | Aug 14, 2020 | How To, Inspiration

After nine long months, your little bundle of joy is finally here! We all know how exciting it is to have a new addition in a family and sharing the news with the people you care about most-meaning parents, siblings and close friends. 

However, due to certain circumstances (like COVID-19, family or friends separated by cities or premature birth of your baby), it’s not always possible to have your loved ones with you in these moments of joy or to make your baby announcement party more exciting. Which is why we think it’s important to announce your arrival in a unique and special way. 

So to help you get started and inspire you to make an amazing baby birth’s announcement that’ll “wow” your closest ones, here we’ve prepared top 4 creative ways to announce your newborn’s birth. Read On.

Create a Photo Book  For Your Child’s Grandparents.

No occasion is more painful for grandparents to miss than the birth of their grandchild. After all, babies only grow, and a missed opportunity to see a newborn can never be replaced. So if your little one’s grandparents are further away due to the pandemic restrictions or not in town, why not create and send them a baby birth announcement photo book that’ll brighten up their day?
Your little one’s grandparents are the root of the family, closest, and someone who is often more excited for the arrival of your sweet baby as you are. But when they’re in distance and couldn’t experience the joy of holding your baby in their arms, a photo book with your little one’s photos will be a great way to introduce your child and warm their hearts.
With the advent of video-chat technologies such as FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout. Showing your newborn and have a chat with your child’s grandparents can be a super easy-no matter where you are. However, having to face common video-chat problems such as grainy or poor video quality, lag time, and dropped calls can ruin the fun.
Plus, if your child’s grandparents aren’t too skilled with technology or are a self-confessed technophobe. Then It will be really hard for them to have a clear look at their grandchild and feel satisfied with it. In this case, the baby announcement photo book will be a perfect solution in helping them out to admire their grandchild’s facial features in detail and from a different angle. The photobooks also will allow them to look through the photos to their heart’s content and gushed over their new grandchild to someone.

Send Polaroid Prints Of Your Newborn

If you’re one of those who think that it would be great to make a baby birth announcement by sending photos, but you prefer sending them cute-looking prints instead of a photo book. Then, polaroid photos will be the best way to go.
An amazing thing about polaroid photos is they come with a border that gives an instant-camera style look and you can add your favourite theme to make it look even more stylish.
In addition, as you have the advantage to add captions, the date of the event or even short messageS for each of the print using the frame border space. It will be super heartwarming and fun for the receiver to look at the pictures one by one. Also, they’ll be able to understand what kind of situation the photographs have been taken and how cute the photos are that’ll automatically put a smile on their face.
Whether you decide to send a box of polaroid prints to the closest ones or you opt to use a print to inform a person. The gorgeous polaroid photo prints are sure to serve as thoughtful and meaningful pieces that’ll help you to inform a new addition in your family in a special way.
Pro Tip: You can also use polaroid photos to thank someone who has been extremely helpful, showed care and love to you during your pregnancy time. You can just print the photos of you with them during the pregnancy and your baby photo to give them a special message of how much they mean to you-and thanking them for all the love and care they’ve shown you. It’ll be an extraordinary way to show or convey your appreciation to them.

 Post-Off Unique Baby Cards

Do you have a lot of relatives and friends who you want to introduce to your newborn? Or are you planning to invite a perfect baby birth party? Either way, sending personalised cards would make magic!

When you want to inform or invite a lot of people to celebrate a special occasion, it is quite important to make sure that the message or your invitation get noticed. One of the best ways to do so is by sending personalised cards instead of making phone calls for everyone on your list.

With a little bit of your personal touch and attractive design, your baby birth announcement cards will give your receivers a glimpse of the happy news in an attractive way. This will ensure that your receivers are informed at the same time feel impressed-thinking of your personal style and the thoughtfulness in letting them know the news in a special way.

Other than that, it also can be a perfect way for them to have a chance to see your child’s face (through the card) if in case they couldn’t visit your new addition in the family due to some personal reasons. As personalised cards are small in size and perfect to be placed in an envelope, posting them off will also be a breeze!


Get An Attractive Baby Photo Poster 

If you want to express your happiness of having a new addition to your family and show off your baby’s photo in a creative manner. We would suggest you create a personalised poster.

Minimalist aesthetic, easy, and stylish. A photo poster of your baby can make a great art piece that’ll attract the eyes of the viewers.

As they are suitable to be placed in any flat surfaces and can give a full view of your baby photo, personalising them with your own creativity by turning them into a black and white, Sepia tone or an interesting photography style will make the poster visually appealing.

Hence, adorning your home space or workspace with your newborn photo will definitely be an amazing way to get the people around you to notice the message and your newborn baby photo as they’ll speak for themself.


Now that we have shared some of the best ways to announce your baby birth announcement. We hope you can make your baby announcement super exciting and special. If you feel inspired and want to get any of the mentioned products or find something that matches your needs, please feel free to visit  Pixajoy website. 

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