5 Canvas Styling Ideas

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

Hey Pixapals! Welcome back to another blog post. Since last week we’ve shared with you everything you should probably need to know about our new personalised canvas prints – explaining about the differences between canvas and canvas lite, the durability, things you should consider when you want to buy canvases, and more. We’re pretty sure, some of you must’ve gotten an interest to get your very own personalised canvas prints from Pixajoy. 

Whether you’ve come to be interested to create canvas prints to make your space look fab, to include a little bit of your personality into your decor or cherish your memories in a luxurious look – it can be a daunting task for some of you to find the best way to display those timeless pieces to meet your interior design goal. (especially if you’re one of those who wants to try unique ways that’ll add charm to your space)

So for today’s blog post, we’ve decided to share and inspire you with some of the best canvas styling ideas that you should try and the places you can consider to place them. Read on and get ready to reinvent your space with canvas prints!

Go For Grid -Style Gallery Wall

Typically a gallery wall refers to a collection of different photos or arts in various sizes and styles hung together on the wall (In order to create an interesting and unique look). But If you’re one of those who are a fan of symmetry or precision, then you’ll definitely want to avoid a “higgledy-piggledy” type of gallery wall. In this case, we’d recommend you to go for the canvas grid style gallery wall. 

As a grid style gallery is all about structure that needs you to hang your prints evenly to form either a square or rectangle shape- it’s easier to achieve a sense of order and clean lines which gives a more modern and aesthetically pleasing appeal to your space. This is because the grid style arrangements are usually formed in an even number that makes them look more simple and are in an easily recognisable pattern.

Besides that, forming all the canvas pieces together to look like one big statement piece (an alternative way to a large, and oversized piece)is also one of the great ways to display your memories in a sequence and bring them to life. 

The process of designing this trendy style is super easy! All it takes is some planning and a bit of measurement at the time of placing them on the walls. Not to mention, although the placement for the grid-style gallery varies and they’ll look good on just any other walls. Some of the best and popular places you can apply this style include large hallways, above the couch, kitchen, office, or some small empty spaces.


Try Floating Shelves Gallery

For those who live in a rented house, don’t want to put a lot of nail holes in the wall. I would like to have an easy way to add a little extra storage or display space; you can opt to display your canvases in style with floating shelves.

 The floating shelves, which appear to jut out of a wall, are basically one of the practical furniture elements that’ll help you to maximise your space by utilising wall space to create more surface area rather than taking up a table or a counter. This chicer and versatile storage solution will allow you to mix and match pieces that are simply for style ( the decorative items) with pieces that increase the performance of your space. 

 Hence, by using them to place your canvas prints- adding some decor items such as candles, vase, small statues and more. You’ll be able to elevate your decorating and organisation game instantly to upgrade your space. All that you’ll have to do is measure the centre of your wall in accordance, install the shelves on the wall, stick with the colour scheme and vary your things. Whether your taste leans on eclectic, earthy, glam or anything in between; this style will sure to add a twist and make your space visually enchanting.


Create Canvas Prints Wall Border

When it comes to decorating our space with photos, most of us tend to focus on a large wall – thinking that a large section will be easier and perfect to create an inviting gallery vibe. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Contrary to popular belief, a gallery wall with your favourite photos does not have to cover a large section of the space to look more attractive and inviting. Which means, they can be in a blank corner- around windows, doorways and above the furniture; yet arranged to be the most simple and effective way that’ll brighten up your space.

For many years, the blank corners that have been mentioned above are decorated with wallpaper borders to create a theme in a space and highlight architectural features. But, since the wallpaper borders which were extremely popular and had garnered a lot of interest in the 1990s started to lose their grace (a little bit outdated). Why not create a canvas print wall border to adorn the blank corners in your space?

As canvas prints are modern and trendy decor products, which is also known as a timeless piece that’ll never go out of style. Placing them high above the eye level in a small room, for example above furniture- bordering the ceiling, will automatically draw our eyes upwards and give the room a more spacious feel. Other than that, placing them as a border for the doorways or windows is also a creative way to give a simple and sophisticated look. The canvas prints wall border is perfect to be created at baby nursery, around kitchen windows, doorways and above bed heads.

Make Use of Stairway wall

Photo Credit: @ablissfulnest.com

Whether your stairway wall is visible from other rooms or it is only visible from the foyer, stairway canvas display is still one of the unique ideas that’ll definitely create a great visual impact to your space. Although decorating the stairway wall is not a new thing and most of the people knew that it is one of the perfect spots where we can find an ample wall space for a gallery collection, not many people try to make use of this space. 

The main reason behind this is because most people think that the stairway walls which appear in different angles than the typical wall and are often narrow or dark are challenging spaces to arrange photos. However, with a little patience and proper planning, it’s not as hard as you think.

In order to create an eye-catching stairway wall photos display, the basic things that you’ll need to do are consider the style of your space, get the things that you’ll need to help you for the arrangements and decide on the theme.


When it comes to the arrangement style, there’s no doubt that the traditional stairway groupings – often hung in a symmetrical arrangement are one of the most popular ways to create a perfect stairway wall gallery. But you can also opt to try other styles and strategies-making a bold statement, eclectic, border style or more.


Make a Split Canvas Display

Split canvas display is an art of displaying a single photo in three pieces or panels in a series. It is basically a form of contemporary art known as triptych which was a popular standard format for paintings from the middle ages- involves a work of art that is divided into three sections hinged together.

Today, this extraordinary style is still a creative art form that are in trend and being used by many interior designers to create a modern and minimal look. So if you’re one of those who are looking for a way to experiment with a trend that’ll help you to facelift your interior space, why not try out the split canvas display?

The beauty of split canvas display style is the flexibility it gives you to play around with the perspective, arrangements and your pictures. As this style is an artwork that involves a single image spread in three different pieces to be displayed as a series -using different size of canvases and arrangements to decorate, you’ll be able to create a different perspective of the image. Plus, you’ll also be able to express, tell or give the viewer a story in several different pieces which are more unique and helps to add an instant high-end appeal to your space.

This style of display is not easy, but it’s not difficult as a rocket science either. By considering the image you want to print in your canvas, the space you’re going to place them, the style of arrangement that you that suits your space and a proper planning. You’ll be able to create an outstanding split canvas display that’ll make your space look amazing. A split canvas display is perfect to be as a decor element in the living rooms, office lobbies, restaurants—just about anywhere!


Now that you’ve read and got to know some of the best canvas styling ideas, we hope you’ll feel inspired to step up your home decor project with our brand new canvas prints. If you would like to get your own canvas prints or any other products that’ll help you decorate your space or for personal use, feel free to visit Pixajoy website and choose your favourites.

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