4 Ways To Help Children Connect With Long Distance Family And Friends

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Facts, Tips and Tricks

 With the pandemic requiring most of us to isolate ourselves at home as much as possible, the people we normally meet up with on daily basis, for weekly drinks or monthly get-togethers are really hard to stay connected with. The social distancing and sheltering to stay safe not only affects adults and parents but also children’s life.

 Children’s lives have been completely uprooted as they’ve also lost their routines, daily interactions with their teachers and friends, the opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime trips, and many other things they cherished.

 While we probably can’t give them back their field trips, spring breaks, or school fun, we can help them to stay connected to their friends and family. If you’re one of those parents who has been probably wrestled with the question of how to best help your kids maintain and grow meaningful relationships with their friends and long-distance relatives, this blog is for you. Read on.

Involve children in Video Calls

Friendships and family connections are important for your child’s happiness – and health, too. As we’re all navigating this new world of business meetings, school, and playdates that take place over video apps, websites, and services like ZoomFaceTime, and  WhatsApp. Why not use them to let your kids have some digital time with friends.

 By virtually meeting up with a group of school friends and family or simply chat one-on-one with a bestie for a few minutes, your child will be able to read other person’s facial expressions and body language which will help them to find comfort and build their social interaction that’ll eventually strengthen their immune system, increase motivation, and lower stress.

Besides that, being able to share stories, talking to each other, and doing some fun virtual activities like games, projects, and more, your kids will be able to stay connected as they would in a family gathering or school setting. This will be helpful in building closeness and maintain a healthy relationship with their family and friends. All that you have to do is be with them and keep them engaged.

Pro-Tips: Want to make it more memorable and interesting for your child? why not screenshot the video call moments and turn them out as prints? 

Create a Family Photo Book

Talking and sharing stories about your far-flung family often is an easy way to keep them around. 

For kids who live far away from lots of relatives, it can be quite difficult to remember names, memories, or in recognising s
ome of the family members.

So to ensure that they’ll remember their relatives and build a  strong connection that’ll keep them close no matter the distance, having photos of them or memories shared with them can be super helpful.

A simple way to do so is by creating a photo book with photos of your family members that they can flip through and remember something about them. Besides being a helpful way to remember them, it will also make it easier for them to feel comfortable and connect with them when they meet up in person.

Send Something Meaningful

If you’re an aunt and you want your niece or nephew to remember you, gifts are the best way to go. Gifts have always been a special way to express our care and a token of love that can help strengthen the bond we share with our loved ones. 

As children love receiving gifts, sending them something that reminds you, will help you to take a place in their hearts. Whether it’s a playing card with your photos and messages, children book that’ll enhance their reading skills, or a key chain, the simple act of sending gifts can be a great way to stay connected and build closeness no matter the distance.

Pro-Tips: Are you new parents who want to introduce your little bundle of joy to long-distance family members like grandma, grandpa, or friends? Why not create a poster of your child and send it to them. Click here for more ideas.

Go retro and mail letters.

With all the fancy, multimedia modes of communication out there, nothing beats the thrill of opening the mailbox and finding a personal letter, written and addressed just to you.

 Setting up a pen pal relationship between your child with one of your child’s favourite relatives and helping them to write a letter or make a special card can express your feelings-leaving a legacy of love that both can revisit throughout life.

As you help your child to write, remind them about the special times they have shared together, or plan out what activities they can do on their next visit together, to keep them writing to each other and stay connected.

Pro-Tip: Want to make sending letters as interesting as possible? Print out one of your little Picasso’s artwork and turn them into something special to send them as a gift with your letters. This idea will delight them both and help them to keep them close.

And that concludes our list of 4 ways to help children connect with long-distance family and friends. So if you’re feeling inspired and want to find something interesting to help you stay connected, feel free to visit our  Pixajoy website. 


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