Marriage on your mind? No better time than the month of love to get down on bended knee. Here’s an idea to get the love of you life to say “YES!” and spend the rest of your lives in caring companionship.

I Give You My Heart


Here’s how you can re-create this idea (you can get your friends to help you out on this if you need) :-

Step 1: Preparation and Materials

i. Make 4R Photo Prints of the most special moments the two of you shared together.

ii. Make a Photo Poster with the words ” Will You Marry Me?”.

iii. Decide on the spot you want to propose to her e.g. a beautiful garden, your home, a place that is special to the of you, etc.

iv. Get roses. They can be real ones, plastic or you could use rose petals even.

Step 2:  Now, you can start putting all the items together to create a big heart at the spot you want to propose.

i. Place your “Will You Marry Me?” Photo Poster in the centre.

ii. Arrange your special moments Photo Prints around the Poster in the shape of the heart.

iii. Outline the heart with the roses or petals.

Now, look your best and surprise your lady love and make it one of the best moments of your lives!