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Showcase Your Personalised Story Tag Cards With A Desk Album

Have a set of personalised story tag cards already? Why not put them on display with a handy desk album. Simple yet stylish, our story tag cards are a fun and creative way to cherish and share your favourite moments with your loved ones.

There’s a desk album available that can be used to display either the Mini or Wide style story tag cards. Perfect for those of you who want to stretch your creative capabilities, the desk album is made with writable paper materials - giving you the ability to draw, write or bedazzle the album to your heart's content. Additionally, you can even swap out the featured story tag cards in the album occasionally to change the look.

Another great thing about the lightweight and durable story tag cards desk albums is that they were thoughtfully designed. Depending on your mood, you can choose to either flip through the album pages like a book or prop them up like a desk calendar in order to put your story tag cards on full display. Whether you want to use them as an adorable decor item or gift them to someone special, the desk album will surely be a wonderful addition to your set of personalised story tag cards.

It only takes a few minutes to create a set of fully personalised story tag cards. It takes even less time to order the desk album. In order to create a set of personalised story tag cards, all you need to do is select your favourite theme from our beautiful pre-designed template collections and upload your favourite photos from your gallery, Flickr, or Facebook. But if you don't want to use any of the given templates, that's fine! You can either let your creativity run free to design your own or leave them blank for that classic polaroid-inspired look. As for the desk album, this add-on accessory can be ordered during check out at the ‘My Cart’ phase under accessories. Alternatively, you can also purchase it directly from the Story Tag Card product page.

So if you have been browsing through the internet all these while looking for cute desktop displays or mini polaroid albums, look no further as Pixajoy has the solution for you!