Vision, Mission & Values

Our roadmap starts with our Vision. It is our guiding light in giving the best of us to you.

Connecting the world through the sharing of love, happiness and good-times.

We believe in today's world there's a greater need for us to show love and appreciation to one another.
Every moment in life is precious and we should cherish every one of them while we can.

Our mission declares the existence and purpose of our service.

Making it easy and simple for everyone to preserve and share life's precious moments; by providing lasting books that can be held and treasured for years to come.

Also, to provide an avenue for hobbyist to share their passions with others.

All throughout, ensuring an enjoyable photo book creating experience by offering 360° care and support to all who come to Pixajoy.

Our photo book service provides a way for all of us to capture precious and memorable moments and share them with family and friends. Therefore, every photo book be it online or offline, is a chance for a person to connect with another no matter where they are.

The compass for our actions and how our service should benefit you.

Joy - Inspire happiness, joy, optimism, fun and all things good.

Passion - Strongly committed in heart and mind towards customer satisfaction.

Quality - Always delivering international standard workmanship & service.

Caring - Genuine love & care towards customer needs.

Integrity - In all actions be sincere, honest and trustworthy.

Accountability - We are accountable for our actions and inactions.

Sensitive - Responsive to changes.

Learning - To learn, is to improve.