Hello & Welcome

Joy to you!, Yes, you, reading this.
Welcome to Pixajoy! Your joyful online photo book service!
Where we celebrate your special and unique life.

Epic memories!
The birth of a child/grandchild, first year of school, graduation, trips with friends, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family outings, staying up in the wee hours of the morning for the perfect sunrise shot...and list goes on. Imagine all the joy, each and one of those amazing moments brought into your life.

Knowing just how priceless these moments are, our simple heart's desire is to preserve your joy and so no matter your age or the place, you can always relive them, time after time.

Every moment in life comes only but once and they are truly precious, truly epic,to you.

Awesome photo books!
So how can we preserve your joy?
2 words – yes you guessed it, PHOTO BOOKS!

All your precious moments are 'locked' in digital photographs, and they shouldn't be kept hidden away as pixels and bytes.

So, what we help you do is, we print your pictures in the form of high quality books (not to mention at really really affordable prices).

This way, your precious digital pictures are no longer hidden and forgotten. The best bit is, you can share your epic memories with anyone at any time. No messy wires, no more lost pictures.Only joy and smiles.

In short . . .Pixajoy helps you create awesome photo books for your epic memories!