About Pixajoy

Established in 2010 Pixajoy is an online printing technology and solutions that specialises in personalisation. We believe that your memories deserve so much more than just becoming a passing post on someone else's social media timeline. Hence, we’ve developed an easy to use design software that can turn your memories into bespoke photo books, prints and other premium photo products.

We want to give you the power to immortalise your greatest moments in the form of high quality, long-lasting and timeless photo products. Not only are they very chic, but the personalisation feature also enables you to design and create memorable gifts for any occasion while still remaining true to your personal aesthetics.

Experience the joy of creating your own personalised gift today.

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Experience the joy of design with Pixajoy

With the aim to make personalisation easy and accessible to everyone across the world, Pixajoy offers a quick, easy and fun online, offline and mobile platform that helps turn anyone into a professional designer. With various photo books, prints and premium gift products available, along with a wide range of personalisable pre-made designer templates, there’s always something new to inspire and encourage everyone to celebrate and honour their most joyous memories - be it the everyday slice of life moments or full-on star-studded celebrations.

No matter the scale, we believe that any moment that brings you a measure of joy deserves to be preserved through unique and personalised photo products.